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Ear BiscuitsS1 "Our Quarantine Vacation Mishaps"The guys catch up on their isolated vacations and Rhett's new obsession.
Ear BiscuitsS1, EP251 "Our Biggest Regrets"Rhett and Link talk about the regrets that they carry with them today.
Ear BiscuitsS1, EP252 "How Would We Frame Someone for Murder?"Rhett discusses an unexpected friendship followed by the guys' deep dive into crime and justice.
A Hot Dog Is a SandwichS1, EP13 "What's The Best First Date Food? ft. Emily Fleming"Josh and Nicole are joined by "Meals Of History" co-host and "GMM" Writer Emily Fleming to discuss what is the ideal first date food.
Dispatches From Myrtle BeachS1, EP49 "Our Scariest Encounters"Charles and Link talk about spooky encounters they've experienced and their fear of the dark.
Good Mythical MorningS18, EP1 "Will It Cheeto? Taste Test"A daily morning show with hosts Rhett and Link.
Good Mythical MorningS19, EP26 "What's the Heaviest Fast Food Burger? (Test)"Figuring out which fast food restaurant has the heaviest burger.
Good Mythical MorningS18, EP4 "Fancy Junk Food Taste Test"Tasting fancified junk food and determining if it's good for the average Joe, or if it's a no.
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