Classic MST3K episodes from your favorite B-movie riffers!
Mystery Science Theater 3000S3, EP17 "Teenage Caveman""Teenage Caveman" (1958) Drama. Primitives discover they are survivors of a nuclear blast years earlier; with Robert Vaughn, Darrah Marshall, Leslie Bradley.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S5, EP10 "The Painted Hills""The Painted Hills" (1951) Adventure. A collie, played by Lassie, avenges its gold-miner master.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S5, EP11 "The Gunslinger""The Gunslinger" (1956) Western. A Texas marshal's widow faces a saloonkeeper and her hired gun.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S6, EP22 "Angels' Revenge""Angels' Revenge" Crime Drama. Young women in armored van pick fights; with Jack Palance, Peter Lawford.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S3, EP22 "Master Ninja I""Master Ninja I" (1978) Fantasy. The Master (Lee Van Cleef) searches the United States for his long-lost daughter. From the TV series.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S6, EP24 "Samson vs. the Vampire Women""Samson vs. the Vampire Women" (1961) Horror. The silver-masked Mexican wrestler refuses to submit.
MST3K ShortsS13, EP8 "Bicycling Visual Skills"Emily's crew watches a short about three kids watching a short about bicycle safety, called "Bicycling Visual Skills" (1980s).
Backlot"Backlot: MST3K: Santa Versus Satan"An interview with some MST3K crew and other experts as they look back at this quirky Rene Cardona-directed movie and learn about things like Santa's superhero powers and how to insult people at Christmas.
MST3K Shorts"A Busy Day at the County Fair"Joel, Mike and the bots use comedy to keep their sanity while being forced to watch hideously bad short films on "Mystery Science Theater 3000."
MST3K ShortsS6, EP7 "Keeping Clean and Neat"An indispensable guide to hygiene.
MST3K ShortsS13, EP10 "Let's Keep Food Safe to Eat"Emily's crew watches "Let's Keep Food Safe to Eat," about how children can keep food safe to eat.
MST3K Shorts"A Busy Day at the County Fair"Joel, Mike and the bots use comedy to keep their sanity while being forced to watch hideously bad short films on "Mystery Science Theater 3000."
MST3K ShortsS3, EP3 "Speech: Using Your Voice"Educational short on public speaking teaching the importance of being heard, being understood, and being pleasing.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S7, EP3 "Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell""Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell" a k a "Deathstalker III" (1989) Fantasy. A medieval hero (John Allen Nelson) meets twin princesses (Carla Herd) on a diamond quest.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S10, EP4 "Blood Waters of Dr. Z""Blood Waters of Dr. Z" (1972) Horror. A Florida scientist turns into a walking catfish. With Marshall Grauer and Wade Popwell.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S13, EP10 "The Shape of Things to Come"Emily's crew watch three humans and their robot friend defend the moon colonies in 1979's "The Shape of Things to Come" by H.G. Wells.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S6, EP2 "Invasion U.S.A.""Invasion U.S.A." (1985) Action. An ex-CIA agent protects Florida from terrorists; with Chuck Norris.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S1, EP4 "The Corpse Vanishes""The Corpse Vanishes" (1942) Horror. A mad botanist drains kidnapped brides to keep his 80-year-old wife looking young. With Bela Lugosi, Luana Walters, Elizabeth Russell.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Doctor MordridEmily's crew watches as the magical Doctor Mordrid defends Earth from the forces of evil.
Cinematic TitanicS1, EP9 "The Alien Factor"Leemoid, Zagatile and Interbyce are aliens whose spaceship has crashed in a small town outside of Baltimore, and soon the townfolk are turning up mutilated and dead.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S2, EP3 "Jungle Goddess""Jungle Goddess" (1948) Action. Two fortune hunters find a lost heiress running a tribe in Africa. With George Reeves, Wanda McKay, Ralph Byrd.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S6, EP5 "The Skydivers""The Skydivers" (1963) Action. A nasty playgirl targets a couple's jump school; with Kevin Casey, Marcia Knight, Eric Tomlin.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S9, EP7 "Hobgoblins""Hobgoblins" (1985) Horror. Lethal little creatures escape from a studio vault.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S5, EP13 "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"New guy Mike Nelson makes his way to the theater to watch "The Brain That Wouldn't Die," a film about a scientist who tries to transplant his wife's preserved head on a new body after an accident.
RiffTraxEP2 "Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe"An outer-space lawman fights his ex-partner for a woman, her son and an anti-life equation on Earth.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S5, EP8 "Operation Double 007""Operation Double 007" spoofs James Bond flicks. With Neil Connery.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S1, EP10 "Moon Zero Two""Moon Zero Two" (1970) Science fiction. Miners stake claims on the moon, and fight usurpers. With James Olson, Catherina Von Schell, Warren Mitchell.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S3, EP10 "Fugitive Alien""Fugitive Alien" (1986) Science fiction. Wolf Raiders from Valnastar attack Earth; one, wanted for treason, becomes a space loner named Ken. With Tatsuya Azuma, Miyuki Tanigawa, Joe Shishido.
The Film CrewS1, EP4 "The Giant of Marathon"The crew watches a film about a Greek soldier battling a Persian invasion.
Cinematic TitanicS1, EP2 "Doomsday Machine"American spies discover the Chinese have built a weapon capable of destroying the Earth.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S3, EP24 "Master Ninja II""Master Ninja II" (1983) Martial arts. The Master (Lee Van Cleef) searches the United States for his long-lost daughter. From the TV series.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S8, EP12 "The Incredibly Strange Creatures ...""The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Crazy Mixed-Up Zombies" (1963) Cult. A fortune teller adds a beatnik to her zombie collection; with Cash Flagg; directed by Ray Dennis Steckler.
MST3K ShortsS5, EP2 "The Truck Farmer"How the advances of modern technology allow vegetable farming to supply the needs of the American public year-round.
Backlot"Backlot: MST3K: Outlaw of Gor Interview"In-depth interviews and an inside look at the movie itself that is classically riffed in this "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episode.
MST3K ShortsS2, EP3 "The Phantom Creeps - Chapter 3: Crashing Towers"The final chapter of the 1939 serial starring Bela Lugosi.
MST3K ShortsS6, EP3 "Why Study the Industrial Arts?"Joe and the Coach double-team to explain to a high-school student disparaging shop class the many and varied uses for industrial arts in all aspects of modern life.
MST3K ShortsS6, EP12 "Progress Island U.S.A."Modern Puerto Rico has a lot to offer.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S4, EP5 "Being From Another Planet""Being From Another Planet."
Mystery Science Theater 3000S6, EP10 "Last of the Wild Horses""Last of the Wild Horses" (1948) Western. A cowboy settles a range war started by a crooked ranch foreman. With James Ellison, Jane Frazee.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S10, EP6 "Track of the Moon Beast"The crew watches "Track of the Moon Beast," where a New Mexico mineralogist is transformed into a mindless humanoid-lizard monster after being hit by a meteor.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S13, EP11 "The Mask"Jonah's crew watches a horror film about an accursed skull mask.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S13, EP12 "The Bubble"Reviewing the 1966 film "The Bubble."
Mystery Science Theater 3000S7, EP5 "Escape 2000""Escape 2000" (1985) science fiction. Newswoman and Bronx warrior vs. borough exterminator; with Mark Gregory, Henry Silva, Valeria D'Obici.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S13, EP14 "The Christmas Dragon"The bots watch a group of orphans attempt to save a dying Father Christmas.
RiffTraxEP7 "Hillbillys in a Haunted House"1967's "Hillbillys in a Haunted House."
Mystery Science Theater 3000S6, EP3 "Dead Talk Back"The police consult a metaphysicist to help solve a case; onboard the Satellite of Love, Mike and the Bots impersonate the Grateful Dead and Gypsy runs the crew through a fire drill.
Mystery Science Theater 3000S4, EP4 "Teenagers From Outer Space""Teenagers From Outer Space" (1959) Science fiction. Alien teens with ray guns land on Earth to breed their lobsterlike space cattle. With David Love, Dawn Anderson, Harvey B. Dunn.
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