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Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP21 "Sheila & Rich Dollaz"Nev and co-host Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, are hot on a case to help Sheila figure out if she's being romanced by "Love & Hip Hop" star Rich Dollaz.
Catfish: The TV ShowS6, EP19 "Nicole & Nicole"For years, catfish steal Nicole's pictures to make fake profiles, one of which deceives 27-year-old Ryan for 10 years.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP2 "Alfred & Adonis"Moving on from a toxic breakup, Alfred's thirsty to find Adonis, the elusive man of his dreams; but as they dig for answers, word that Nev and Kamie are in town leads to the most explosive confrontation in "Catfish" history.
Catfish: The TV ShowS5, EP18 "Catherine & Graham"A woman from Long Island, N.Y., prepares to relocate to Tennessee for her internet love.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP59 "Pamela & Fernando"For six years, Pamela has spent thousands and has been kicked out of her home, all in pursuit of her sweet Fernando from Venezuela; but when "Catfish" comes calling, it seems that Fernando might be closer than anyone expected.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8 "Eli & Boulevard"Nev and Laura Perlongo go on a wild ride to help Eli, who fell so hard for fellow gamer Boulevard, that he moved from Alaska to Chicago to be with her.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP91 "LaDaris & Julie"Iraq veteran LaDaris has been in love with Julie for years, despite her cancelling plans to meet several times; she has a mysterious twin sister getting in between them, so Nev and Kamie help LaDaris figure things out.
Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!S2, EP18 "Joe & Phi"Joe and single mother of four Phi have been dating for one year; Joe is a self-proclaimed reformed ladies' man, but Phi is hesitant.
Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!S2, EP21 "Ariel & Johnny"Johnny slipped into Ariel's DMs over a year ago and now they're engaged; Ariel plays stepmother to Johnny's son, but Johnny won't let her meet the mother of his child and hides her from virtually every aspect of his life.
Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!S2, EP7 "Ben & Matt"Best friends and roommates of five years, Ben and Matt met on their first day of college and have been inseparable since; lately, Matt's been avoiding Ben and has blocked him on social media; Ben wants answers.
Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!S1, EP6 "Ed & Lynn"After a year plus of dating, Ed still hasn't met Lynn's friends or family. She refuses to post him on social media or even follow him. Ed is desperate to find out why he's being hidden.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP91 "LaDaris & Julie"Iraq veteran LaDaris has been in love with Julie for years, despite her cancelling plans to meet several times; she has a mysterious twin sister getting in between them, so Nev and Kamie help LaDaris figure things out.
Catfish: The TV ShowS6, EP10 "Dylan & Ally"A man receives an anonymous text warning him that his online love is not who she says she is, and he seeks help from Nev and Max.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP25 "Eric & Lianna"Eric falls for Lianna but despite living nearby, she is a no-show three times; Nev and Kamie uncover a rabbit hole that runs deeper than they could have imagined.
Catfish: The TV ShowS3, EP1 "Craig & Zoe"After meeting Zoe on Facebook, she begins demanding passwords and hacking accounts.
Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP34 "Taylor & Christian"Taylor needs help after falling for a guy who claims to have gone to her high school, but she doesn't remember him. Nev and co-host Tallulah dig in to Taylor's tale, only to uncover secrets more shocking than they ever expected.
Catfish: The TV ShowS6, EP2 "Alante & Nevaeh"After planning a life with his online love for eight years, a man worries over her sudden disappearance.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP7 "Danielle & BJ"Nev and Kamie get a letter from a woman worried that her friend Danielle is being catfished by a guy named BJ; BJ comforted Danielle when she was shot, but now she needs to know who she's really been dating for the past six years.
Catfish: The TV ShowS2, EP7 "Mike & Kristen"A couple forges a deep connection after meeting on Facebook, but Mike has not had luck meeting Kristen in person.
Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP28 "Deven & James"Nev and NFL star Rashad Jennings help Deven find his mysterious online love, James; James won't videochat yet he invites Deven to fly across the country to meet him; hopeful for love but prepared for a trap, Deven needs answers.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP91 "LaDaris & Julie"Iraq veteran LaDaris has been in love with Julie for years, despite her cancelling plans to meet several times; she has a mysterious twin sister getting in between them, so Nev and Kamie help LaDaris figure things out.
Catfish: The TV ShowS5, EP11 "Paris & Tara"Paris wants to know who has been catfishing her for four years, but Nev and Max make a discovery that casts suspicion on Paris.
Catfish: The TV ShowS2, EP8 "Jesse & Brian"Brian, a former marine asks Jesse to move in with him after standing her up years ago; Weapons of Mass Destruction may have something to do with it.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP43 "Alexis & Jaymes"Alexis and Jaymes have been there for each other through tough times in their five-year relationship; Alexis questions their relationship when Nev & Kamie find out Jaymes may have a guy on the side.
Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP4 "Lawrence & Cierra"Although always there for him online, Cierra always blows off Lawrence when they try to meet in person.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP21 "Jay & Anna"Portland local Jay meets beautiful Vegas girl Anna; Nev and Kamie find that Anna may have secrets.
Catfish: The TV ShowS5, EP17 "Andrea, Alex & Andrea"Nev and Max are summoned to help catch a potential stalker who is impersonating the family of a popular online personality.
Catfish: The TV ShowS2, EP5 "Dorion & Jeszica"Dorion is torn between two women-his current girlfriend, Raffinee, and his online love of over two years, Jeszica. Dorion is willing to give up everything for Jeszica, including his relationship with Raffinee.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP55 "Emma & EJ"Emma gets in over her head in her online relationship with college football player EJ, who becomes a dangerous stalker who won't leave her alone; Nev and Kamie attempt to help Emma find and stop EJ before he goes too far.
Catfish: The TV ShowS4, EP18 "Hundra & Emily"A young woman risks coming out on national television to learn if her love is real; Machine Gun Kelly teams with Nev.
Real World/Road Rules ChallengeS39, EP8 "Battle for a New Champion: Struggling to Hold It Together"A rigorous and exhausting challenge sees one contender give their blood, sweat and tears for the win; an intense night out finds a contender in the firing line after another reaches their boiling point.
MTV CribsS19, EP23 "Jaren Jackson Jr.; Margaret Cho; Bobby Berk"Celebrities give personalized tours of their lavish homes, complete with plasma screen TVs, enormous hot tubs and extravagant furnishings.
MTV CribsS19, EP24 "Amanda Seales; Emelia Hartford; Perez Hilton"Celebrities give personalized tours of their lavish homes, complete with plasma screen TVs, enormous hot tubs and extravagant furnishings.
MTV CribsS19, EP18 "Vinny Guadagnino; Kaila Novak; Nick Viall"MTV's "Jersey Shore" star Vinny shows off his pristine Manhattan apartment; soccer player and TikTok star Kai Novak shows off her fun candy-filled Cali crib; "Bachelor" star Nick Viall takes the crew around his house.
MTV CribsS19, EP8 "Whitney Cummings; Dennis Rodman"Laughing it up with comedian Whitney Cummings at her minimalist Los Angeles home; taking a ride on basketball legend Dennis Rodman's vibrant tour bus.
RidiculousnessS23, EP49 "Chanel and Sterling CDV"Rob, Chanel, and Steelo come face-to-face with winter in "Ice Faced," take a dive with "Dock Brocks," and find out how to keep their stuff safe in "Body Bags."
RidiculousnessS9, EP2 "Jamie Bestwick"BMXer Jamie Bestwick; "Vert Hurt"; "Youth Slayers"; "Rothrocked."
RidiculousnessS25, EP18 "Chanel and Sterling CDXXXVIII"Rob, Chanel, and Steelo have their grocery trip ruined by "Market Volatility," learn some interesting "New Information," and pamper themselves with "Adult Accidents."
RidiculousnessS18, EP27 "Chanel and Sterling CCXXV"On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness, Rob, Chanel and Steelo talk about what it means to be STAIRED STRAIGHT, the public nuisance they call RULE TOOLS, and the danger of NAPATTACKS.
RidiculousnessS16, EP4 "Gene Simmons"Rock musician Gene Simmons joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo; Call Dr. Love; Too Ready to Rock; Demon's.
RidiculousnessS26, EP5 "Chanel and Sterling CDLXXVII"Rob, Chanel, and Steelo reinvent the game in "Neobasketball," hang out with some alligators in "Gator Casual," and get intimate with the inanimate in "Lifeless Love."
RidiculousnessS26, EP40 "Chanel and Sterling DXII"Rob, Chanel, and Steelo politely decline in "No Thank You," have some painful snacks in "Delicious Danger," and kill the vibe in "Mood Ruined."
RidiculousnessS7, EP2 "Action Bronson"Rapper Action Bronson; "Bronsonmania"; "White People Dancing."
RidiculousnessS23, EP54 "Chanel and Sterling CDX"Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get down on one knee in "Practice Proposals," add the worst ingredients ever in "Evil Chefs," and get left behind in "Stragglers."
RidiculousnessS33, EP15 "Sterling and Lolo Wood XIII"Rob, Steelo and Lolo Wood get things going, take a look under the hood, and celebrate with happy people.
RidiculousnessS10, EP5 "DJ Mustard"DJ Mustard; "Mustard on Everything"; "Cold Summer"; "Hey Makers."
RidiculousnessS27, EP25 "Chanel and Sterling DXXXVII"Rob, Chanel and Steelo can't believe their eyes in "What Am I Witnessing?," hit a few treacherous trails in "Take a Hike," and explore how funny the afterlife can be in "Ghost Pranks."
RidiculousnessS31, EP37 "Sterling and The Stallone Sisters II"Rob and Steelo are joined by stars of the new show "The Family Stallone," Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet Stallone, to meet other kids who are "Daddy's Little Rambos," and they hit the golf course with "Tee Queens."
RidiculousnessS29 "Chanel and Sterling DCXXVII"On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get FURIOUS CURIOUS behind the wheel, relive childhood with BULLY BROTHERS, and watch their step in front of the EYES IN THE CEILING.
RidiculousnessS16, EP7 "Chanel and Sterling CLIII"Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get bent out of shape in "Hinge Cringe," get trapped in a "Giggle Prison," and take a visit to the angriest place on earth, "Swing City."
RidiculousnessS7, EP7 "Dude Perfect"Trick shot superstars Dude Perfect; "Dudebrations"; "Dud Perfect"; "Bad Garretts."
RidiculousnessS27, EP18 "Chanel and Sterling DXXIX"Rob, Chanel and Steelo find out one don't have to fight to be "Fight Affected," laugh at some terrified "Bouquet Boyfriends," and show the cheap way to do "Long Distance Calling."
RidiculousnessS34, EP35 "Sterling and Nina Agdal XLI"Rob, Steelo and Nina Agdal talk about their "Unforgettable Engagements," getting "Parental Revenge," and what they would do if their dogs were "Livin' Stray."
RidiculousnessS7 "The Super Party"Taking viewers through hard partying moments of categories.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP26 "Scooba & Renae"Scooba falls for Renae on a virtual social app, but soon after marrying her avatar she vanishes; Renae returns six years later to rekindle the romance.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP23 "Jake & Taylor"When TikTok star Jake's cyber-girlfriend threatens to blackmail him, he comes to "Catfish" for help.
Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP8 "Mandy & Jose"Mandy is in love with a guy that gives her everything except the truth; Mandy's son has had enough and calls in Nev and Max for help, but following a trail of clues only takes them all deeper down the rabbit hole.
Catfish: The TV ShowS2, EP2 "Anthony and Marq"Anthony, an Iraq War veteran connects with an emotionally available man; Marq has told some troubling lies.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP66 "Reese & Jesica"Reese was always successful with women until he met Jesica, a gorgeous girl who was doing more than playing hard to get; when a shady set of phone numbers sparks Reese's suspicions, he calls on Nev and Kamie to investigate.
Catfish: The TV ShowS1, EP8 "Tyler & Amanda"After a year and a half of chatting with her online, Tyler thinks he may have a future with Amanda; Amanda may not be a girl.
Catfish: The TV ShowS3, EP10 "Bianca & Brogan"When Brogan disappears from the Internet, then returns online after a year without question, Bianca wants to know what happened in the missing year.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP10 "Gemini & Myranda"After seven years of drama, Gemini is desperate to find Myranda; Nev and Kamie reach out for help, as they stage their first-ever intervention for a repeat catfish.
Catfish: The TV ShowS5, EP13 "Lucas & Many"When Jayme learns that her online boyfriend is fake and that he is catfishing other women as well, she enlists the help of Nev and Max to stop him.
Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP31 "Oceanna & Nelly"Nev and Slick Woods investigate the mystery of Oceanna and her enigmatic online stalker, Nelly; when Oceanna's ex-girlfriend, Kira, becomes involved, the team are left wondering who is a victim and who is the perpetrator.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP40 "Aaliyah & Paula"When Aaliyah met Paula on Instagram, she realized she liked women for the first time, but as Nev and Kamie help find Paula, Aaliyah is blindsided by a huge realization that completely changes the course of her relationship.
Catfish: The TV ShowS5, EP3 "Leuh & Justin"After two failed attempts to meet up with a surfer, a woman wants to find out if he is actually the man of her dreams.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP51 "Myldred, India & KJ"Myldred was in love with KJ for four years when she discovered KJ was also secretly in a relationship with India; hungry for answers, both ladies join forces with Nev and Kamie to find out who they've really given their hearts to.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP81 "Jacob & Stephanie"Jacob's tough life turned bright the day Stephanie popped into his livestream; now, with all his hopes hanging on Stephanie, Nev and Kamie struggle with an impossible decision as they fear Stephanie may be too good to be true.
Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!S2, EP13 "Karl & Jasmine"Karl and Jasmine recently invested in business together; Karl is tired of Jasmine's excuses; he demands to know why he hasn't met her family, or the relationship is over.
Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!S2, EP14 "Brianna & DaQuan"Brianna thought her fiancé DaQuan was her Prince Charming, but three years later she still hasn't met his family. She moved to St. Louis with her daughter to be with him. Now she's demanding answers before getting married.
Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!S2, EP8 "Robert & Chris"Robert and his boyfriend, Chris, have been in a relationship for two years, but Chris has yet to introduce Robert to his family and never shares photos of them together on social media; Robert needs answers.
Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP22 "Chelsea & Lennie"Nev and co-host Tallulah Willis help Chelsea, a young woman who's fallen for a reality TV star; digging for the truth only reveals Chelsea has her own secrets.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP62 "Nick & England"Nick struggled to meet other gay men until he met England; a weird business trip has Nick thinking that England's work might be more than meets the eye.
Catfish: The TV ShowS4, EP16 "Andria & David"Love letters and voice messages have kept a couple together for a decade, in spite of having never met.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP4 "Jesus & Alexis"Nev and Kamie receive an anonymous email from a whistleblower reporting a catfishing, but when the hosts arrive to help the named victim, they uncover a deeper conspiracy of deception that only the secret informant can solve.
Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP33 "Kaden & Adriana"Nev and co-host Kamie Crawford help lovestruck Kaden figure out if his four-year relationship with sexy Adriana is real.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP73 "Malcolm & Missy"When Malcolm was in jail, he was thrilled to get emotional support from his online girlfriend Missy, but once he got out, Missy became elusive.
Catfish: The TV ShowS1, EP3 "Kim & Matt"Kim must decide if she should marry her current boyfriend or hold out for a man she met on the Internet who may be her soul mate.
Catfish: The TV ShowS7, EP18 "Nick & Jasmine"Nev and Max try to help Nick determine if the person he kissed during a mysterious blindfolded rendezvous is actually his online love, Jasmine, or someone entirely different altogether.
Catfish: The TV ShowS4, EP15 "Thad & Sara"Thaddius seeks refuge from his struggling marriage through an online relationship with Sara, but when she starts telling strange tales of seizures and kidnappings, he begins to question her true identity.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP47 "Dey & Cody"Dey's been a fan of Cody for 13 years and they recently fell in love, but Cody still refuses to meet or video chat.
Catfish: The TV ShowS1, EP10 "Rico & Ja'Mari"Rico wants to move to England to care for his ailing mother, but his intense online relationship with Ja'mari, an international male model, is giving him second thoughts about leaving.
Catfish: The TV ShowS6, EP15 "Kelsie & Brandon"After years of endless excuses, a woman wants Nev and Max to find out who her online Romeo really is.
Catfish: The TV ShowS8, EP36 "Bryn & Stephanie"Bryn thought he'd met the one when he was introduced to Stephanie, but as Nev and Kamie poke holes in Stephanie's story, Bryn begins to doubt his dreams, especially when a surprise call threatens to end their whole relationship.
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