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Last Chance GarageS1, EP5 "Liberty Bel Air"In the quest to revive a 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air's memories, Tony and his team embark on a mission to assemble a massive puzzle; a 1967 Ford Bronco tested for motor issues needs a complete rebuild.
Texas MetalS7, EP11 "Rollin' in My F-350"Rapper turned real estate entrepreneur Vanilla Ice pulls in with his 2023 F-350 and a big wishlist. Bill and the team build him a one-of-one truck that is lower, faster and packed with custom details, including an electroluminescent paint that lights up.
Bitchin' RidesS8, EP12 "The Pantera of the Future"A 1970s Pantera is an iconic sportscar, but once Dave gets his hands on it, the style will never be the same; the client has given Dave free rein to change the car as he sees fit, but has one request: he is 6'4" and can't comfortably get in it.
Texas MetalS5, EP11 "C10 To End All C10s"Bill refuses to hold anything back on the '68 C10, as it finishes in a Texas-sized flourish looking unlike anything they've ever customized before. The '60s Willys Jeep overcomes a major hurdle, as the team must fabricate a wider front end by hand.
Garage SquadS8, EP4 "Little Car, Big Problems"Having met and married his wife, the owner of this '82 Mazda RX-7 date magnet put it in the garage, where it sat for 28 years; the squad puts the pep back into the step of this '80s classic.
Roadkill GarageS7, EP9 "Rescued Ranchero Revival!"Freiburger and Dulcich bring a '60 Ford Ranchero back to life after rescuing it from over 40 years of neglect; with a fresh 283 power transplant ahead of the Muncie four-speed, the guys overhaul the entire drivetrain.
Iron ResurrectionS5, EP9 "Supercharged '65 Falcon Ready For Take-Off"In this corner, weighing in at only 2,400 pounds, the 1965 Ford Falcon! For a former professional wrestler, there isn't a better 50th birthday present than restoring this cult classic. For that, he puts his trust in Joe Martin & his world-class team.
ToyMakerzS2, EP4 "Misfit Toys With Motors"David Ankin challenges the crew to build their own superpowered mini rides.
Wheeler DealersS15, EP12 "1971 Chevrolet C10 Truck"Mike locates a long wheelbase '71 Chevy C10 truck; it's in great condition, but Mike feels they could maximize their profit if they can make this truck more drivable and ramp up the performance.
Wheeler DealersS15, EP13 "1985 Mazda RX7"The Mazda RX7 is an 80s classic loved on both sides of the Atlantic; Mike finds a highly desirable 1985 MK1 model with less-than-desirable aftermarket add-ons, suspension problems and an iffy rotary engine and wonders if it is worth fixing.
Full Custom GarageS8, EP1 "Change of Plans"Ian and hot rod artist Johnny Jalopy build a crazy creation on the fly; the guys work their way through the design until some unexpected changes lead Ian to a unique solution that brings it all together.
Full Custom GarageS8, EP2 "Over the Top"Ian enlists the help of a like-minded friend on a new project, attempting to push the boundaries way outside the box; inspired by the wild trikes and show cars of the '60s, they put their heads together and create a crazy street machine.
Garage SquadS8, EP5 "Buick Regal's Engine Go BOOM"The squad pulls out all the stops to fix up an '87 Buick Regal turbo.
Roadkill GarageS7, EP2 "Crusher Impala Rear End Upgrades!"Freiburger and Dulcich give some much-needed love to the '69 Chevy Crusher Impala by way of a new 9-inch rear and a suspension overhaul. They also fix a major throttle issue that unlocks the 498 big block before hitting the road for monster burnouts.
Roadkill GarageS7, EP3 "Dyno and Drag in the Crusher Impala!"Freiburger and Dulcich tune up the supercharged big block in the '69 Crusher Impala at Westech's dyno before hitting the road and the dragstrip. The guys run the Impala's fastest time in the quarter mile, but discover some new Roadkill-level issues.
Iron ResurrectionS5, EP6 "Chop Top, Big Block Drag Chevelle"It's open-car surgery as Joe and the team work to realize his dream of a cold-blooded '70 Chevelle race car with a chopped roof. Complications with the modified roof arise when the big-block monster motor obstructs driver visibility.
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