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Kids in the HallS3, EP22 "Best of Season 3, Part 2"Skits include: "Chicken Lady at a Strip Bar," "Queen Speaks to Canada" and "Bar Fight.".
Kids in the HallS4, EP1A man has a loveless relationship with his dog; a hyper businessman has heart problems; a bigot cabbie delivers a baby during rush hour.
Kids in the HallS4, EP2Cathy and Kathie gossip about a new girl; Darryl explains that he sees an Oompah Band in his head.
Kids in the HallS4, EP3A plastic surgeon turns his assistant into a rat; a prostitute turns tricks for asthma medication.
Kids in the HallS4, EP4The governor calls a wrong number at a crucial moment; fight pickers take on a biker and his goldfish; Bruce talks about various sad people.
Kids in the HallS4, EP5A seriously injured patient takes time out for a few gags; Jamaican director introduces his very sexist new film; Myra has an out of body experience while choking at a Thanksgiving dinner.
Kids in the HallS4, EP6Kathie describes how she became a Blue Jays fan; Fran learns about salsa, peanut sauce and meals in a pill; an axe murderer needs his blade sharpened during a murder.
Kids in the HallS4, EP7Chicken Lady visits the house she grew up in; a doctor confuses his patients' names.
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