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Till Death Do Us"Till Death Do Us"Marcus falls in love with Jessica, who has her own house and wants to start a family. Shortly after their honeymoon, Jessica's past life comes back in to the present. When Jessica's long lost husband reappears back in her life, and wants his family.
The Walk of RufusEldest son Rufus takes over the family empire of running the streets of Chicago, but change comes at a cost.
The Young and the RatchetNothing covered in the classroom can prepare these young adults for the harsh realities of life.
Family ThanksgivingWhen returning home for Thanksgiving, Elliot tries to keep cool with his meddlesome, dysfunctional family.
Everybody Hates ChristmasA family that has lost faith in Christmas is reminded that the spirit of the holiday is more than just gifts.
Black SantaAfter a tragedy near Christmas, two boys' lives are turned upside down, and they end up in the home of Ms. Mary.
10 Kilos in the TrunkIn need of quick cash for the holidays, Tonya agrees to transport cocaine, but roadblocks threaten her deadline.
SuffocatedLexxy believes she finally found a man who can be her husband and the father to her child, but he takes her on a ride of lies and betrayal.
Ultimate BetrayalJerry is two months behind on rent when a big-time music producer and old friend reenters his life and uses his money to take what means most to him.
Hair, Love, and RacismKaren grew up heavily influenced by her right-wing family. Her whole life she thought people were treated equally, regardless of race. Her new home, city, and boyfriend show her something different.
Hanging on to LoveSerial dater Jewel cannot seem to find love until she starts to fall for the owner of her dry cleaners.
Heart and Soul FoodThree sisters fight for their mother's approval, unaware that she's dealing with a struggle of her own.
When Love Comes KnockingVeronica Richardson, a girl who has never been with a good man, is caught off guard when true love finds its way to her doorstep. It is up to her if she wants to let it in or shut it out.
It Is What It IsVictoria, a sophisticated young woman, is trying to find happiness with a good man in the midst of drugs and violence in the mean streets of KC.
Just Caught a BodyDeeply indebted gambling addict Curtis decides to steal from his drug dealer to pay off his debts.
Kisses and BulletsAn Internet model, Celine, runs a website out of her house with her roommates. In reality, they invite men over only to drug them and take their money, but eventually, her lies and schemes catch up to her with deadly consequences.
Ladies ChoiceAfter taking on a side job, an exotic male dancer finds himself wrapped up in sex, lies, and danger.
Lock and Key 2: The Fall OutTwo undercover agents set out to track down a drug kingpin.
No Such Thing as LoyaltyJames and Darnell's loyalty is tested when an ungrateful and needy female comes between their friendship.
MonogamishZane is living the American dream: a perfect NFL husband, a nice house and a growing business; until the day her husband presents her with a request: he wants to be polyamorous.
A Lot Like ChristmasAfter not seeing his family for over 7 years, P.J. gets talked into going home for Christmas by his co-workers. When he arrives, he reconnects with his high school sweetheart, Rebecca.
You Got Me TwistedMahogany Noble looks for love in all the wrong places after suffering domestic violence. A desperate cry from within struggles to break free, but it may drive her to the point of no return.
Battered EmotionsDiagnosed with breast cancer, Rasheada fights to keep an upbeat facade for friends and family. Her sister Tara and her best friend Bunny struggle with their own demons, while trying to support Rasheada.
Behind Closed DoorsFour women who are unable to cope with their sexual preferences -- having sex with other women -- soon find out their true identities through trail and error. They must choose to be themselves or live secret lives.
Bad Girl RevelationBora tries to untie herself from her sister's decision while trying to get out of the drug game with her social media profession. Mob boss Ivan makes a mistake when he sends money electronically for a hit and tries to get his refund.
Black and Blue TearsA devoted youth basketball coach leaves his community, but he comes back years later as a police officer. He learns his former team now has a challenging relationship with his department.
Block BurnerYoung Block grows up in the hood never knowing his father and struggles in a community where no one can trust one another and violence is the law.
Boxed InRia is an up and coming female boxer whose one and only focus is to be the best boxer alive. That's until she meets Tuga, who shows her that a life without love really isn't a life at all.
Boss MovesA woman coerces her husband to betray his best friend, and they become sworn enemies. Both are locked in a battle for control of the streets.
White LiesTwo childhood friends partner on a lucrative hustle, oblivious to its true danger. Matters become more complicated after one develops feelings for the other's husband.
FixationKatherine faces an agonizing decision when she discovers her husband's dark secret.
A Thanksgiving ChristmasEager to celebrate the holidays early, One Tyme convinces his sister-in-law to host a Christmas party for their big, wacky family at Thanksgiving.
For the Love of ChristmasRashad faces the pressures of making a career choice and getting married, all before Christmas day. His friend Faye faces a dilemma when she becomes convinced that Rashad's fiancée and her intentions aren't what they appear to be.
For the GramBrandi becomes a successful internet model overnight, but obsession with fame and lifestyle leads her astray.
The ComebackJeff and Tisa Murray move their family back to their hometown of Atlanta after Tisa is offered her dream job. The dream becomes a hilarious reality when family issues, Mom's new boyfriend and some ex-lovers interfere.
Saints 2 AintsChiffona shares her desire to reunite with her first love but learns her friend is pursuing him.
Weekend GetawayDangerous secrets are revealed when three happily married couples go to a cabin in the woods for one weekend.
UltimatumsA woman is forced into an internal battle between being faithful to her fiance and sexual tension with their houseguest, who has an ulterior motive of his own.
Undercover ConsequencesA young man faces a difficult choice between what he knows is right and the lure of easy money on the streets.
#VictoriaShortly after moving to a poor neighborhood in New York City, Victoria's drug-dealing father is killed by local competition. Victoria goes looking for answers, justice and revenge but loses herself along the way.
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