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The NannyS6, EP13 "The Yummy Mummy"Dr. Reynolds (Nora Dunn) tells the Sheffields to expect more than one baby; Fran (Fran Drescher) gets advice from Lynn Redgrave (guest starring as herself).
The NannyS6, EP14 "California Here We Come"Maxwell's movie deal means the Sheffields may move to Hollywood, but Fran agonizes over leaving Sylvia behind.
The NannyS6, EP17 "Ma'ternal Affairs"Fran (Fran Drescher) finds out her mother (Renee Taylor) is thinking about having an affair with a handsome doctor (guest star Joe Bologna). Steve Lawrence also guest stars.
The NannyS6, EP18 "The Producers"Fran (Fran Drescher) tries to play matchmaker for Niles (Daniel Davis) and has him portray a producer to impress C.C. (Lauren Lane). With Charles Shaughnessy.
The NannyS6, EP19 "The Dummy Twins"Maxwell is angry when Fran plays matchmaker for Niles and C.C.; the doctor (Rita Rudner) helps prepare Fran and Maxwell for parenthood.
The NannyS6, EP20 "Yetta's Letters"Fran attempts to convince Maxwell that Yetta's old love letters could be made into a Broadway musical.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP2 "Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics"When Peggy wins a week of fitness training, she changes her instructor's (Tom Lahm) healthy habits.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP3 "Buck Saves the Day"While camping, Al and Steve become stranded in the woods when their van breaks down and must rely on Buck to save them.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP4 "Tooth or Consequences"Al must go to see Marcy's dentist when he suffers from a toothache.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP5 "He Ain't Much, But He's Mine"Peggy suspects a woman at the beauty parlor of having an affair with Al.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP6 "Fair Exchange"To receive extra income, the Bundys agree to house a French foreign exchange student (Milla Jovovich).
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP7 "Desperately Seeking Miss October"To get money for a good luck charm, Peggy sells Al's Playboy magazine collection.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP8 "976-SHOE"Steve's in trouble at the bank when he authorizes a loan for Al's latest invention.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP9 "Oh, What a Feeling"Al is forced to buy a used car when Peggy spends the money he's saved for a new one.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP10 "At the Zoo"Steve quits his corporate job to return to his days as a hippie.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP13 "Who'll Stop the Rain?"Al attempts to fix his house's leaky roof during a long rainstorm.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP14 "A Taxing Problem"Peggy squanders the money Al has saved to have their taxes professionally prepared.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP15 "Rock and Roll Girl"When Al challenges the family to earn money, Kelly lands the lead in a music video.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP16 "You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em"Marcy and Peggy both lose big with Al's money when they go to Las Vegas.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP17 "You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em"Al goes to Las Vegas and battles female wrestlers in an attempt to win Peggy and Marcy's money back.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP18 "What Goes Around Comes Around"Bud plans revenge on a girl (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) who tricked him when they were in the sixth grade.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP19 "Peggy Turns 300"While Al is trying to break the bowling alley record, Peggy bowls a perfect game.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP20 "Peggy Made a Little Lamb"Peggy must make up a half credit in home economics to receive her high-school diploma.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP21 "Raingirl"Kelly gets a job as a weather reporter while interning at a local TV station.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP22 "The Agony of DeFeet"Al's recurring nightmare comes to an end when he is asked to judge a beauty contest.
Married ... With ChildrenS4, EP23 "Yard Sale"Because Peg has a passion for yard sales, Al decides the Bundys should hold their own.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP1 "We'll Follow the Sun"The Bundys' autumn vacation plans go awry when they are caught in a huge traffic jam.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP2 "Al ... With Kelly"Al and Kelly fake illnesses to get out of visiting Peg's mother.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP3 "Sue Casa, His Casa"When Bud gets his driver's license and Al's insurance goes up, he cancels his policy.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP4 "The Unnatural"Al's softball team benches him in favor of a younger player (Dan Blom).
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP5 "Dance Show"After Peg meets a married man (Sam McMurray), the Bundys get a visit from his jealous mate.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP6 "Kelly Bounces Back"When Kelly tries for a spot in a commercial, Bud tells her secret to the competition.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP7 "Married ... With Aliens"Al takes pictures of a UFO with the hope of winning a tabloid contest.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP8 "Wabbit Season"Al contends with a hungry rabbit after taking up gardening to relax.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP9 "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"Peg is jealous when Al appears to be interested in a new neighbor (Rhonda Shear).
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP10 "One Down, Two to Go"Al thinks Kelly is a kept woman when he visits her luxury apartment.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP11 "And Baby Makes Money"A large inheritance can be Al's if the Bundys have another child.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP12 "Married ... With Who"Marcy wakes up with a new husband after a wild night on the town.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP13 "The Godfather"Al assumes a position of power in his neighborhood when Kelly dates a politician (Lane Davies).
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP14 "Look Who's Barking"Buck is forced to take to the streets when the Bundys neglect to feed him.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP15 "A Man's Castle"Peg redecorates the bedroom for an interior design class assignment, but Al takes offense.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP16 "All-Nite Security Dude"Al's football trophy is stolen while he is guarding his alma mater.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP17 "Oldies but Young 'Uns"Al becomes obsessed with an old song that he hears on the radio.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP18 "Weenie Tot Lovers & Other Strangers"The Bundys decide whether to give their last $100 to Bud or Kelly.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP19 "Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?"Bud and Kelly try earning their own money when Al refuses assistance.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP20 "Top of the Heap"After losing a bet, Al advises a boxer to abandon his career.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP21 "You Better Shop Around"When the heat becomes unbearable, the Bundys move into an air-conditioned supermarket.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP22 "You Better Shop Around"Al battles Marcy when he is chosen as a supermarket's one millionth customer.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP23 "Route 666"While traveling, the Bundys become owners of a New Mexico gold mine.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP24 "Route 666"The Bundys and the D'Arcys feud over their jointly owned gold mine.
Married ... With ChildrenS5, EP25 "Buck the Stud"Buck's lack of interest in a pedigreed female destroys the Bundys' breeding aspirations.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP1 "She's Having My Baby"Al is shocked when Peg makes the announcement that she is pregnant again.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP2 "She's Having My Baby"Al and Jefferson plan an escape from their demanding pregnant wives.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP3 "If Al Had a Hammer"Al builds an extra room to get space away from a pregnant Peg.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP4 "Cheese, Cues and Blood"A suspicious Al learns Kelly is earning money by hustling pool.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP5 "Looking for a Desk in All the Wrong Places"Marcy tries to recover her valuable furniture, which Jefferson sold to raise gambling money.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP6 "Buck Has a Belly Ache"A pregnant Peg returns to her family in Wanker County when Buck is the only one getting sympathy at home.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP7 "If I Could See Me Now"Al experiences a crisis when it appears he must get eyeglasses.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP8 "God's Shoes"Al's out-of-body experience sends him in search of the perfect pair of shoes.
Married ... With ChildrenS6, EP9 "Kelly Does Hollywood"Kelly goes to Hollywood, and quickly lands her own television show.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP12 "Black Belt Mama"Mama takes a self-defense class after being mugged.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP13 "Mama Buys a Car"Mama takes revenge on a used-car salesman.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP14 "Supermarket"A supermarket hires Mama as a consultant.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP15 "No Room at the Inn"Mama disrupts Vint and Naomi's plans for a romantic anniversary.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP16 "Mama for Mayor"Mama announces her plans to run for mayor.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP17 "Mama for Mayor"Mama discovers that the mayor's job is overwhelming.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP18 "Harper Versus Harper"Mama and Naomi battle in court over the issue of a broken vacuum cleaner.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP19 "Mama's Birthday"Buzz discovers why Mama dislikes celebrating her birthday.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP20 "Mama Cries Uncle"Mama's long-lost brother-in-law arrives and charms everyone except her.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP21 "Ask Aunt Fran"Mama helps Fran write an advice column.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP22 "A Grave Mistake"Mama discovers a stranger has been buried next to her husband.
Mama's FamilyS3, EP1 "Farewell, Frannie"Mama Harper hopes she can keep the cause of her sister's death a secret.
Mama's FamilyS3, EP2 "Where There's a Will"Aunt Fran's will contains one last condition.
Mama's FamilyS3, EP3 "Best Medicine"Mama's daughter (Betty White) secretly checks into the hospital for an operation.
Three's CompanyS4, EP22 "The Root of All Evil"Chrissy's big track winnings threaten to split the threesome.
Three's CompanyS4, EP23 "Secret Admirer"Chrissy sets up a rendezvous with the man who has been sending her secret love notes.
Three's CompanyS4, EP24 "The Goodbye Guy"The roommates help Furley attract a lady friend.
Three's CompanyS4, EP25 "Jack's Graduation"A dishonest student may prevent Jack's graduation.
Three's CompanyS5, EP1 "Upstairs, Downstairs, Downstairs"Jack prepares three different meals in three separate apartments.
Three's CompanyS5, EP2 "... And Justice for Jack"Jack charges his new boss with sexual harassment.
Three's CompanyS5, EP3 "A Hundred Dollars a What?"Janet discovers that Chrissy's old high-school friend is a prostitute.
Three's CompanyS5, EP4 "Downhill Chaser"A lovely skier thinks Jack is an alpine champion.
Three's CompanyS5, EP5 "A Crowded Romance"Jack and Larry unknowingly date the same woman.
Three's CompanyS5, EP6 "Room at the Bottom"Jack's friends think he is the chef at a fancy French restaurant where he is actually a busboy.
BewitchedS8, EP16 "Samantha Is Earthbound"Samantha gets a condition which makes her 500 pounds heavier; A cure from Dr. Bombay makes Sam light enough to float.
BewitchedS8, EP17 "Serena's Richcraft"Darrin finds out Serena is trouble -- with or without her power.
BewitchedS8, EP18 "Samantha on Thin Ice"Samantha and Tabitha take skating lessons the mortal way; Endora turns Tabitha into a superb ice skater.
BewitchedS8, EP19 "Serena's Youth Pill"Serena baby sits Tabitha and Adam; Serena gives Larry a pill that makes him younger.
BewitchedS8, EP20 "Tabitha's First Day at School"Tabitha encounters a bully on her first day at school and turns him into a frog.
BewitchedS8, EP21 "George Washington Zapped Here"Esmeralda accidently brings George Washington to life to help Tabitha with a school project.
BewitchedS8, EP22 "George Washington Zapped Here"George and Martha Washington visit the Stephenses, thanks to Esmeralda.
BewitchedS8, EP23 "School Days, School Daze"Tabitha must take a test to prove her intelligence; Endora turns Tabitha into a child genius.
BewitchedS8, EP24 "A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished"Samantha and Darrin argue over the use of witchcraft in an ad campaign.
BewitchedS8, EP25 "Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse"Samantha falls prey to an ancient concoction that wards off witches.
BewitchedS8, EP26 "The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me, Sam"Endora casts a truth spell on a gift from Darrin to Samantha.
BewitchedS1, EP1 "I, Darrin, Take This Witch Samantha"Witch Samantha reveals her secret to her new husband; Samantha's mother Endora visits her.
BewitchedS1, EP2 "Be It Ever So Mortgaged"Endora is disgusted when she learns that Samantha refuses to use her powers.
BewitchedS1, EP3 "It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog"Samantha gives a dinner party to impress one of Darrin's clients.
BewitchedS1, EP4 "Mother, Meet What's His Name"Gladys Kravitz is unable to convince Abner that strange things seem to be happening; Darrin meets Samantha's mother for the first time.
BewitchedS1, EP5 "Help, Help, Don't Save Me"Darrin and Samantha quarrel when Darrin accuses her of using witchcraft.
BewitchedS1, EP6 "Little Pitchers Have Big Fears"Darrin discovers that Samantha has been entertaining after he leaves for work each morning.
BewitchedS1, EP7 "The Witches Are Out"Samantha and her friends decide to change the public image of witches.
BewitchedS1, EP8 "The Girl Reporter"Teenager Liza Randall interviews Darrin about his career in advertising for a school newspaper.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP21 "A Man in the Attic"Mrs. Garrett offers Kevin a room in the attic.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP22 "The Last Drive-In"The girls plan to spend a quiet night at the movies before the drive-in closes for good.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP23 "Sisters"A budding romance develops between Blair's mother and Jo's father.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP14 "Me and Eleanor"Tootie wants Natalie's opinion on her writing.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP15 "Working It Out"Mrs. Garrett and the girls express concern over Blair's obsessive dating and irrational behavior.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP16 "Jazzbeau"Tootie and Natalie recall the summer they met a memorable jazz singer.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP17 "Two Guys From Appleton"Mrs. Garrett's high-school beau reappears.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP18 "With a Little Help From My Friends"Jo fears Blair's boyfriend is using drugs.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP19 "Gone With the Wind"The girls head to Florida for spring break.
The Facts of LifeS6, EP20 "Gone With the Wind"Jo falls for a singer; Blair's new love is unusual.
Mama's FamilyS1, EP5 "Family Feud"The Harper family competes on "Family Feud.".
Mama's FamilyS1, EP6 "Cellmates"Mama and Eunice share confidences in jail.
Mama's FamilyS1, EP7 "Mama Gets a Job"Mama goes to work for a travel agency.
Mama's FamilyS1, EP8 "Double Standard"Tempers flare after Sonia finds out Buzz has been given a later curfew on the night of the homecoming dance.
Mama's FamilyS1, EP9 "Mama's Boyfriend"Mama takes a weekend trip with an old beau.
Mama's FamilyS1, EP10 "Fran's Dress"Mama runs out to replace Fran's dress after she accidentally burns a hole in it.
Mama's FamilyS1, EP11 "Alien Marriage"Vint agrees to marry a Portuguese woman so she can get legal U.S. status.
Mama's FamilyS1, EP12 "Positive Thinking"Eunice undergoes a drastic change after listening to Buzz's tape on positive thinking.
Mama's FamilyS1, EP13 "Mama's Silver"Vint hocks Mama's silver to get enough cash to bail a friend out of jail.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP1 "Flaming Forties"Mama saves the day when the band scheduled to play at a school dance cancels its performance.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP2 "The Return of Leonard Oates"Naomi's former husband tries to win her back.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP3 "Country Club"Ellen is named Woman of the Year by the Raytown Country Club.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP4 "Naomi and the Stork"Naomi thinks she is pregnant.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP5 "Rashomama"Vint tries to get to the bottom of Mama's mishap.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP6 "Obscene Call"Naomi is victimized by obscene phone calls.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP7 "Ellen's Boyfriend"The family learns Ellen dates a younger man.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP8 "Aunt Gert Rides Again"Mama brings some fun to her cousin who is living in a nursing home.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP9 "Amateur Night"Vint is sure he has a shot at stardom after winning a talent contest.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP10 "The Mama Who Came to Dinner"Mama's paralyzing back problems flare up just when guests start arriving for Naomi's dinner party.
Mama's FamilyS2, EP11 "Mama Learns to Drive"The family decides to teach Mama to drive.
The NannyS6, EP1 "The Honeymoon's Overboard"Fran and Maxwell (Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy) fall off a yacht and spend a frustrating honeymoon on a deserted island. With Lauren Lane.
The NannyS6, EP2 "Fran Gets Shushed"Fran (Fran Drescher) is indignant when Maxwell (Charles Shaughnessy) scolds her for extreme loudness in the bedroom.
The NannyS6, EP3 "Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary"Fran is hurt when Maxwell accidentally calls her his nanny while being interviewed on "Entertainment Tonight.".
The NannyS6, EP4 "Sara's Parents"Fran hopes to adopt the children and begins by trying to win the approval of their late mother's parents.
The NannyS6, EP5 "Maggie's Boyfriend"Maxwell (Charles Shaughnessy) reacts badly when Maggie (Nicholle Tom) announces her decision to move in with her boyfriend. With Fran Drescher.
The NannyS6, EP6 "I'm Pregnant"Fran (Fran Drescher) covers for Maggie (Nicholle Tom), who suspects that she may be pregnant. Guest star: Nora Dunn.
The NannyS6, EP7 "Mom's the Word"Fran informs Sylvia and Niles that she is pregnant, but wants to delay telling Maxwell until the time is right.
The NannyS6, EP8 "Making Whoopi"Fran's optimum time for conception occurs while Maxwell is making an appearance on "Hollywood Squares."
The NannyS6, EP9 "Oh, Say, Can You Ski?"Fran and Maxwell (Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy) take a ski trip to get her mind off becoming pregnant. Guest stars: Nora Dunn and Chris Elliott.
The NannyS6, EP11 "The In-Law Who Came Forever"Aunt Frieda (guest star Lainie Kazan) buys Fran's (Fran Drescher) parents' building and kicks them out, forcing them to move into the mansion. With Charles Shaughnessy.
The NannyS6, EP10 "The Hanukkah Story"Fran becomes convinced that Maxwell doesn't care about Hanukkah as much as Christmas; Maxwell and Grace get stranded.
The NannyS6, EP12 "The Fran in the Mirror"Maxwell's conniving college buddy (guest star Maxwell Caulfield) swindles Fran (Fran Drescher) out of a fortune; Niles (Daniel Davis) inherits a royal title.
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