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Mama's FamilyS4, EP10 "Gift Horse"Iola discovers her handmade gifts to family members are being sold at the Harpers' garage sale.
Mama's FamilyS4, EP11 "Workman's Holiday"Vint's embarrassed at work when Mama brings him his childhood lunch box.
Mama's FamilyS4, EP12 "Mama Sees Red"A typical Russian homemaker visits the all-American Harper family.
Mama's FamilyS4, EP13 "A Room With No View"A family war erupts when Vint and Naomi want to switch bedrooms with Bubba.
Mama's FamilyS4, EP14 "The Sins of the Mother"When Bubba comes home tipsy, Mama is reminded of a drunken incident involving Eunice.
Mama's FamilyS4, EP15 "A Friend Indeed"Mama is jealous when Iola acquires a new best friend.
Mama's FamilyS4, EP16 "I Do, I Don't"Iola, Bubba and Mama fantasize about marriage after attending a wedding. Guest star: Joseph Campanella.
Mama's FamilyS4, EP17 "Mama Gets the Bird"Uncle Oscar's talking parrot tells the family of a hidden treasure.
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