Divorced! Wronged! Accused! On Judge Nosey, find intense courtroom drama with Divorce Court, Judge Karen and Judge Mathis. No one escapes justice when Judge Nosey is in session! Watch Judge Nosey now.
Judge Karen's CourtEP5 "Bail Bonds Break Bonds"Sarah sues her former friend for the bail money that she posted for him; Chris argues that Sarah told him plain and simple that he did not need to pay her back.
Judge Karen's CourtEP53 "Doesn't Take an Einstein ..."Bunny and Benny need Judge Lynn's advice, as one wants compensation from the other due to a failed experiment.
Judge Karen's CourtEP17 "He Said She Said"Two siblings go toe-to-toe and tell two totally different stories; reunited after years apart, the battle legal begins again.
Judge Karen's CourtEP22 "Please Stand By"Rosa called TV repairman Michael to come fix her big-screen TV; she claims that he took the TV and never brought it back, and now she wants her money.
Judge Karen's CourtEP8 "Hubby's Wild Ways Cause Wedding Woes!"Carol is suing her husband for the money that he took out of her bank account for his wild bachelor party; Marion argues it was a joint account, and he had every right to use the money.
Judge Karen's CourtEP29 "The Party is Over"Yuri and Bryan were good friends living the party life, until he promised her a photobook that failed; now they're in court over it.
Judge Karen's CourtEP31 "Oh Man! You Ripped Off My Boy Band!"Accusations of embezzled funds put a band's future in jeopardy.
Judge Karen's CourtEP15 "Your Dog-Watching Daughter Trashed My House!"After his niece house-sits, a man returns to a house full of drugs and damages.
Judge Karen's CourtEP2 "You Broke My Heart, So I Broke My Lease!"A woman breaks a lease after catching her roommate and boyfriend in the act.
Judge Karen's CourtEP34 "Turning Her Freak Off"Before Pablo was Stephanie's ex, their relationship was all about sex; however, her change in hormones caused issues, and now they are in court.
Judge Karen's CourtEP2 "Hair Divas in a Hairy Dispute!"James sues Carle over salon rental fees that have not been paid.
Judge Karen's CourtEP43 "Did the Party Princess Ruin the Party?"Richard argues that Tanya tried to leave his child's birthday party early so he had every right to stop her.
Judge Karen's CourtEP16 "Heckling the Plaintiff"Comedian Allan Cunningham sues a former fan for the money she owes him for a private party; Sandra claims that Allan deliberately insulted her family and ruined the party.
Judge Karen's CourtEP51 "You Dropped the Ball at the Exotic Erotic Ball!"Dawn, a high-end exotic dancer, sues her former talent manager for unpaid wages, stolen items and hotel costs; Stegen argues that because he never got paid by the organizers he was not obligated to pay Dawn.
Judge Karen's CourtEP9 "Buyers Are Liars"Melvin sues a real estate broker for a bogus electric bill and lost rent, claiming she stole his identity to pay her bills; Jacqueline categorically denies Melvin's claims.
Judge Karen's CourtEP10 "Car Troubles"Reprudentia sues a fellow Cameroonian countryman for the $5,000 she gave him to buy her a car; Kuji says he got her the car, but was unable to contact her to make the delivery.
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