Divorced! Wronged! Accused! On Judge Nosey, find intense courtroom drama with Divorce Court, Judge Karen and Judge Mathis. No one escapes justice when Judge Nosey is in session! Watch Judge Nosey now.
Judge MathisS23, EP40A woman says that soon after she started dating the defendant she caught him texting other women, so she broke things off; she sues for a birthday gift and emotional distress; the defendant countersues and claims she is stalking him.
Judge MathisS23, EP43A man sues the owner of an entertainment company for breach of contract, saying the female dancers he hired for a party were not the ones he requested, and they arrived late and were on their phones during the performance.
Judge MathisS23, EP59A woman sues her former nail tech, saying she paid her to take a nail class, but the defendant breached their contract; the nail tech counter-sues for slander and harassment.
Judge MathisS23, EP83The plaintiff says the defendant harassed her and posted an explicit photo of her on social media without her permission.
Judge MathisS23, EP87The plaintiff says her baby daddy rarely sees their child, and she sues him for the cost of ballet classes, medical bills and emotional distress; he insists he's not a deadbeat dad and is counter-suing for emotional distress and defamation.
Divorce CourtS22, EP14 "Jennifer Acuff vs. Cody Acuff"Jennifer's husband, Cody, is a recovering addict, and she fears he could be using again based on his mood swings; he says he's willing to do anything to prove to his wife that he's not on drugs.
Divorce CourtS22, EP18 "Christina Gaines vs. Charles Gaines"Christina says Charles would rather work than spend time with his family; Charles says his wife is paranoid and accuses him of cheating.
Divorce CourtS22, EP23 "Denisha Anthony vs. Christopher Anthony"Denisha says Christopher told her he was a youth minister, owned a condo by the beach, and would remain faithful to her -- all lies -- and when she caught him in bed with a family member, she knew the marriage was over.
Divorce CourtS22, EP30 "Cindy Casimir vs. Tremere Adams"After Cindy ended their relationship, Tramere moved out of their apartment without reimbursing her for his portion of the rent and utilities, and she wants the money he owes her in order to have closure; he feels he doesn't owe her any money.
Divorce CourtS22, EP34 "Natasha Remson vs. Ricky Remson"Natasha says Ricky was on board with adopting a baby, but after receiving the baby, he lost interest and put all the responsibilities on her; he says he never agreed to the adoption.
Divorce CourtS22, EP37 "Ruben Galindo vs. Nancy Galindo"Ruben says Nancy spends at least $2,400 per month gambling, irreparably damaging their finances, and he fears she is flirting with men at the casinos; Nancy says she is the breadwinner in the marriage, and she does not have a gambling problem.
Divorce CourtS22, EP41 "Terra Collins vs. Michael Collins"Michael says his marriage is over because he has had enough of Terra's cheating and of finding numerous text messages from other men on her phone; she says he puts a female friend's needs before his wife's.
Divorce CourtS22, EP45 "Matthew Campbell vs. Rebekah Campbell"Matthew is sick of his overbearing military wife, who gives him a daily schedule of chores to do and controls his every move; Rebekah says he comes home after work, watches TV and plays video games instead of spending time with their child.
Divorce CourtS22, EP47 "Valerie Dugan vs. Bernie Dugan"Valerie says Bernie is verbally abusive, and they've been intimate only twice in the past year; he says she is lazy and is slacking with her duties of being a wife -- she doesn't cook or clean anymore.
Divorce CourtS22, EP49 "Shandell Mosley vs. Maurice Johnson"Shandell says Maurice is a wannabe rapper with no talent; Maurice says his girlfriend is not supportive of his rap career and does everything she can to prevent him from being successful.
Divorce CourtS20, EP29 "Tyson vs. Tyson"Judy and James' sex life has taken a dive and she no longer trusts him; he believes his medical issues are to blame for their problems in the bedroom and says she needs to be more understanding.
Divorce CourtS20, EP27 "Winborn vs. Owens"Victoria claims fiancé Akeya cheats on her with women he meets online and spends more money on his friends than on their family.
Divorce CourtS22, EP5 "Sha Gardner vs. Kenneth Gardner"Sha says Kenneth cheats on her, humiliates her in public, and refuses to get a job; Kenneth says his wife needs motivation to lose weight and is obsessed with having children.
Divorce CourtS22, EP7 "Theresa Jones vs. Mikael Long"Theresa says that Mikael cheats and lacks the motivation to become a better man; Mikael says Theresa has major trust issues and her short fuse has made it impossible for them to move forward.
Judge Karen's CourtEP3 "Seething Sisters!"A woman tries to scam her sister out of $3,000.
Judge Karen's CourtEP30 "I Lost My Lifelong Friend Over Some Lousy Loans!"Laura sues her ex-friend and workmate for a loan; Caylee says Laura offered money without any obligations.
Judge Karen's CourtEP8 "Hubby's Wild Ways Cause Wedding Woes!"Carol is suing her husband for the money that he took out of her bank account for his wild bachelor party; Marion argues it was a joint account, and he had every right to use the money.
Judge Karen's CourtEP40 "My Gambling Boyfriend Drained Me Dry!"A former couple argues whether a girlfriend loaned money or if she was funding her gambling boyfriend to rake in the profit.
Judge Karen's CourtEP26 "Pay Back My Loan or Sleep With Me?"A co-worker turns into an obsessed stalker when a woman does not repay a loan.
Judge Karen's CourtEP51 "You Dropped the Ball at the Exotic Erotic Ball!"Dawn, a high-end exotic dancer, sues her former talent manager for unpaid wages, stolen items and hotel costs; Stegen argues that because he never got paid by the organizers he was not obligated to pay Dawn.
Judge Karen's CourtEP36 "A Real Shaggy Dog Story!"Shaneequa could no longer care for her precious pooch Fendy, so she decided to sell the Yorkshire terrier to a friend -- but, she claims, the friend never paid.
Judge Karen's CourtEP20 "On The Road"Darious demands repayment after his cousin got caught speeding in his car, borrowed money to go to clubs and allowed a neighbor to move her stuff into his home.
Judge Karen's CourtEP6 "Beating the Bank"Nigel says his beat got stolen, remixed and resold with his permission; he wants money back from producer Daunte; a special guest witness weighs in.
Judge Karen's CourtEP31 "The Tale of Two Sisters"Silcray claims her younger sister stole her belongings; Sylvia is shocked and appaled that she'd be accused of such claims after taking her sister into her home.
Judge Karen's CourtEP9 "Buyers Are Liars"Melvin sues a real estate broker for a bogus electric bill and lost rent, claiming she stole his identity to pay her bills; Jacqueline categorically denies Melvin's claims.
Judge DadS3, EP1 "Neighbor's Zoom Feud"Laura is suing DJ for $3,000 for harassment; DJ is countersuing Laura for $3,000 for harassment.
Judge DadS3, EP3 "Hair We Go"Dana is suing her former best friend for ruining her hair and causing chemical burns.
Judge DadS3, EP4 "My Only Fan is Your Husband"Jennifer is suing Carol after her kids were kicked out of their private school due to her OnlyFans account.
Judge DadS3, EP7 "Smile! You're on Doggie Cam"Julian sues his ex-girlfriend Christina for her half of the remaining rent on their lease after she packed up and moved out without notice; Christina says she caught Julian cheating on the doggie cam and that she had enough.
State ParoleS1, EP13 "No Door Unanswered"A predator tries to hide by not answering his door; a pregnant parolee stops reporting to her supervisor.
State ParoleS1, EP16A parolee with a history of voluntary manslaughter is arrested when parole agents discover him living in a cardboard box. Agents detain a parolee after he fails a urine test.
State ParoleS1, EP19Parole agents attempt to locate a parolee at his house but instead they find ammunition and drugs hidden in a food container. As agents search a parolee's house, they discover a woman with an outstanding warrant hiding in the basement.
State ParoleS1, EP21After a parolee is questioned and arrested, he accuses agents of planting the weapon they found in his room. Parole agents gain entry into a parolee's house where they discover he has a wizzinator.
Judge MomS2, EP7 "Tickets to lies"Miguel is suing his ex-girlfriend for the $5 million that she won on a scratch-off ticket.
Judge MomS2, EP9 "Anniversary Blowout"Gabriella is suing her former employer for $600,000 for mental anguish and wrongful termination.
Judge MomS2, EP3 "Daddy Dearest"Giselle is suing her father for $145,000 for the cost of canceling her wedding and for emotional distress.
Judge MomS2, EP5 "Tornado Tassel"Barbara sues Emilio's strip club for $30,000, alleging negligence and emotional distress; she blames a collapsing chair among other things; Emilio denies responsibility, citing Barbara's drinking and disregard for safety.
Judge MathisS23, EP49A woman sues a tattoo artist, claiming his shoddy work gave her an infection; she's suing for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.
Judge MathisS23, EP96A man says his ex vandalized his van, and while they were dating, she punched him in the face and ended up in jail.
Judge MathisS23, EP98The plaintiff sues her ex-boyfriend for a cellphone and cellphone bill and says she caught him cheating; he brings to court threatening text messages she sent to him.
Judge MathisS23, EP5The plaintiff says she dated the defendant at the height of her drug addiction and is suing him for stolen money and emotional distress; he says they never dated and is counter-suing for unpaid rent and emotional distress, saying she assaulted him.
Judge MathisS23, EP27A man who bought a car from a married woman says it was a lemon, so he's suing to get his money back; they argue over who was being flirtatious.
Judge MathisS23, EP70A woman says football is her baby daddy's life and he chooses it over her and their child; she sues for the cost of a car.
Judge MathisS23, EP71A woman says that her aunt spends her entire paycheck on clothes and shoes; she's suing her for car payments and repairs.
Judge MathisS23, EP80A man sues his longtime friend for a collections bill; the defendant says he was arrested because the plaintiff came to his house and caused a commotion, so he's counter-suing.
Judge MathisS23, EP36A man says he became a single father and started selling drugs to support his child, but ultimately fell victim to opioids.
Judge MathisS23, EP38The plaintiff dated the defendant and says she cheated on him around the time she got pregnant, so he has petitioned the court for a paternity test for her son.
Divorce CourtS22, EP8 "Viengthong Vilayvanh vs. Daniel Rios"VieVie says Daniel disappears for hours, and communicates with other women on social media; Daniel says he loves VieVie but her insecurities are driving a wedge between them.
Divorce CourtS22, EP10 "Angel Moss vs. James Moss"Angel says she's thousands of dollars in debt because James refused to work and forced her to take out high interest loans; James admits to being a terrible husband, but says he never forced Angel to do anything.
Divorce CourtS22, EP12 "Amber Wright vs. Dustin Wright"Amber says that during their marriage her husband has had children with other women; she says she's done with her husband's cheating and wants a divorce; Dustin says his wife is a liar and cannot be trusted.
Divorce CourtS22, EP16 "Tanisha Francis vs. William Jackson"Tanisha says she is fed up with William cheating and bringing unnecessary drama into their relationship; he says the lack of trust is a big issue and her insecurities are a big turn off for him.
Divorce CourtS22, EP31 "Vanessa Jackson vs. Visall Chann"Vanessa is a cocktail waitress who has high-end clients who request her for bottle service at the club, but Visall goes through her phone and deletes her male clients' text messages, saying she is too flirtatious with them and he wants her to quit.
Divorce CourtS22, EP33 "Rashad Spruill vs. Bruce Franklin"Rashad moved out after Bruce ignored his concerns of exposure to COVID-19; Bruce says Rashad doesn't wear his engagement ring and will often go out without it.
Divorce CourtS22, EP36 "Tyrone Johnson vs. Clinea Johnson"Tyrone believes Clinea cheated on him, and her baby may not be his; she says his drinking is affecting his parenting and making him paranoid, and he continues to receive flirtatious messages from other women.
Divorce CourtS22, EP40 "Domenique Harden vs. Howard Harden"Domenique says husband Howard looks for attention from other women on social media and dating sites and receives calls from them during "booty call" hours; he says she took all of the insurance money after their house fire.
Divorce CourtS22, EP43 "Brandy Patterson vs. Latrey Willis"Brandy gave up exotic dancing because of Letrey's disapproval, only to find out that he has been doing the same thing; he is tired of being accused of cheating.
Divorce CourtS22, EP46 "Taneya Pinkard vs. Taylor Latham"Taneya says Taylor doesn't provide for their family and messages other women after they have an argument; Taylor says Taneya had a one-night stand, and it broke the trust in their relationship.
Divorce CourtS21, EP70 "Cochran vs. Brown"Taurean says he talks to other women because Jordan is unaffectionate and verbally abusive to him and doesn't support his dream of being a rap star; Jordan says she would be if he was bringing in rap-star money.
Divorce CourtS21, EP73 "Davis vs. Blackston"Brandi says that fiancee Brittanie is a liar; Brittanie says Brandi is insecure, lacks trust, won't help around the house or pull her own weight, but likes to spend money lavishly.
Divorce CourtS20, EP47 "Dickson vs. Moody"Health problems are taking a toll on Marketa and Mark's relationship; Marketa feels Mark isn't there for her when she needs him, so she called off their summer wedding.
Divorce CourtS20, EP2 "Valero vs. Valero"Wedding vows haven't stopped Jonathan from flirting with other women, but he blames Crystal for not giving him enough attention.
Judge Karen's CourtEP15 "Your Dog-Watching Daughter Trashed My House!"After his niece house-sits, a man returns to a house full of drugs and damages.
Judge Karen's CourtEP4 "Baby Mama Is Giving Grandma Drama!"A woman causes drama with her child's birth father's mother, seeking payment for a car loan; the baby boy is caught in the middle.
Judge Karen's CourtEP9 "My Wife's Online Addiction Is Causing Us Friction!"A man sues his wife for loving her social-networking site more than she loves him.
Judge Karen's CourtEP23 "The Boozin' Borrower"Amanda is suing her former best friend, who she claims squandered thousands of her dollars on bail bonds, haircuts and a new car.
Judge Karen's CourtEP2 "You Broke My Heart, So I Broke My Lease!"A woman breaks a lease after catching her roommate and boyfriend in the act.
Judge Karen's CourtEP55 "I Was Sold a Lemon and Squeezed for My Money!"A car sale between coworkers started off sour, turned bitter and ended with a sweet old lady.
Judge Karen's CourtEP11 "Your Fleas Made Me Flea!"Attacked by fleas, a woman sues her ex-roommate.
Judge Karen's CourtEP53 "Doesn't Take an Einstein ..."Bunny and Benny need Judge Lynn's advice, as one wants compensation from the other due to a failed experiment.
Judge Karen's CourtEP55 "I Was Sold a Lemon and Squeezed for My Money!"A car sale between coworkers started off sour, turned bitter and ended with a sweet old lady.
Judge Karen's CourtEP28 "The Party is Over"Judy is suing her niece for 12 months of unpaid rent; Cassandra says there was never a deal to pay any rent, and she is devastated that her aunt is dragging her into court.
Judge Karen's CourtEP3 "All in the Family"Natasha sues her younger sister for damages to her home caused by wild parties; Cara-Lynn denies being solely responsible for the damage done to the home, claiming her sister was there partying too.
Judge DadS1, EP14 "Fired Up, Ready to Go"Matthew claims Jenny made false accusations about him stealing from the company because he didn't respond to her romantic advances; she feels if he has a problem with being fired, he should take it up with their boss.
Judge DadS2, EP3 "My Violent Valentine"Mike sues Jackie over the medical bill for the stitches caused by the candle she threw at him during a fight.
Judge DadS2, EP7 "Slum Village"Vanessa is suing her former landlord Kirk for evicting her after she moved her ill mother in to care for her.
Judge DadS2, EP9 "Over My Dead Body!"Eugene is suing his sister Eileen for purchasing the last burial plot neighboring their late parents.
State ParoleS1, EP18 "Surprise Visit"Four parolees are shocked when they are searched and arrested; a mother happily provides her son's location to the agents.
State ParoleS1, EP20A parolee is caught and arrested by agents as he attempts to run and hide in his underground basement. Agents apprehend a parolee in the back of his house after he refuses to attend multiple required resource meetings.
State ParoleS1, EP22Parole agents must wait to arrest a parolee until he comes down to the front door of the hotel where he is staying. A parolee's girlfriend lets agents into her home so they can apprehend him.
State ParoleS1, EP23 "Violation Visit"Two neighboring houses are surrounded and searched by parolees.
Judge Mom"Ink is Best Served Cold"Michael Brown sues Victor Hernandez, the Savage Skin tattoo shop owner, for $50,000; he alleges Victor maliciously altered his tattoo design due to a grudge over dating Victor's ex, causing an embarrassing tattoo.
Judge Mom"Nuptial Nemesis"Annie sues ex-best friend Olivia for $150,000, claiming emotional distress; Olivia, the former maid of honor, hijacked Annie's wedding plans, changing the venue and dresses; Olivia claims she improved the wedding.
Judge MomS2, EP10 "Waisting Away"Erica Green is suing her ex-trainer Susan White for emotional distress and fraud, seeking $15,000; Erica gained 25lbs in Susan's Waist Away program instead of losing weight; Susan blames Erica's non-commitment and countersues for defamation.
Judge MomS2, EP13 "The Hero-Con"Daniel sues Jeremy for $800,000, alleging copyright infringement over a Nightshade Ninja costume that he alleges is a copy of his Shadow Shogun; Jeremy denies this, claiming his was original.
Judge MathisS23, EP19The plaintiff says that after she found a provocative message from another woman in her live-in boyfriend's phone, he became violent, and she was forced to hide in a closet; she sues him for repayment of loans; he says she was the aggressor.
Judge MathisS23, EP46A man and his wife petition the court for a paternity test because they believe the defendant may be the man's daughter.
Judge MathisS23, EP50A mother claims her son punched her in the face three times after getting into an argument and then put her in a choke hold; her son claims he was only acting in self-defense.
Judge MathisS23, EP99The plaintiff says her sister tried to push her out of a car and strangle her with a seat belt.
Judge MathisS23, EP6A man sues his sister for repayment of two loans and says her 20-year heroin addiction has put a strain on their entire family; she says she's ready to get some help and become a productive member of society.
Judge MathisS23, EP29A woman who agreed to care for her friend's dog when she checked herself into rehab resists returning the animal because she feels it now belongs to her.
Judge MathisS23, EP81A man sues his stepdaughter for the balance due on a loan; she says that when she was younger, he was a drug abuser, forcing her into the foster care system, and her life was never the same.
Judge MathisS23, EP39The plaintiff says her neighbor falsely accused her of pulling a gun on her daughter; the defendant says she had to file a three-year restraining order against the plaintiff after the incident.
Judge MathisS23, EP57A man sues his ex-wife for breach of contract, saying she was meeting men online and cheated on him with his best friend; she says he was mentally and verbally abusive, and she filed a restraining order against him for stalking and harassing her.
Judge MathisS23, EP85The plaintiff sues her ex-boyfriend for breach of contract, saying he attacked her after falsely accusing her of sleeping with his cousin.
Divorce CourtS20, EP22 "Welch vs. Welch"Taylore and Ravaun met on Instagram and got married eight months later; Taylore says Ravaun is back on social media and hooking up with other women.
Divorce CourtS20, EP25 "Bey vs. El"Family responsibilities have caught up to free-spirited couple Poetica and Mahdi, but this "open relationship" may be coming to an end.
Divorce CourtS22, EP2 "Demario Harden vs. Detric Coburn"Demario says Detric's friends are covering for him to allow him to cheat; Detric says Demario is spiteful and irrational.
Divorce CourtS22, EP4 "Shante Square vs. Ronaldo Clark"Shante says Ronaldo cheats on her and lacks the motivation to get a job; Ronaldo says he has no privacy.
Divorce CourtS22, EP6 "Trisi Blackwell vs. Clyde Blackwell"Trisi says she found Clyde talking to his female friend on the phone for hours and has found evidence of another woman being in his truck; Clyde says he has a female friend and it's his wife's jealousy that causes her to act out.
Divorce CourtS22, EP9 "Anisa Williams vs. Nasheema Green"Anisa says Nasheema stole money she was saving to buy a car; Nasheema says she doesn't owe her girlfriend any money.
Divorce CourtS22, EP13 "Latasha Johnson vs. Alton Arnold"Latasha says she is sick and tired of Alton not being able to provide a steady home life for her and their child; Alton says Latasha's insecurities and demands have taken a toll on their relationship.
Divorce CourtS22, EP17 "Dawn Borden vs. Curtis Harding"Dawn says Curtis a cheater, is verbally abusive, and financially turned his back on her; Curtis says Dawn is unappreciative of everything he's done for her.
Divorce CourtS22, EP20 "Barbara Nunnally vs. Darryl Graham"A couple who met on a swinger's website experience trust issues resulting in accusations of cheating, and fighting in front of their children.
Divorce CourtS22, EP22 "Casey Barlow vs. Eric Perez"Casey says Eric's rap career has led to infidelity, which has left her feeling insecure; Eric wants to make the relationship work but says Casey's insecurities are driving him insane.
Divorce CourtS21, EP72 "Goodwin vs. Goodwin"Dashia says William is a cheater who spends most of his money on alcohol instead of paying the bills; he says she is sneaky, belittles him, has trust issues and allows her family to interfere in their relationship.
Divorce CourtS22, EP1 "Rosalyn Patterson vs. Javon Johnson"Rosalyn says Javon is so controlling he has destroyed her clothes and hid her shoes to prevent her from going out with her friends; Javon argues that Rosalyn is an insecure party animal.
Divorce CourtS22, EP3 "Alicia Beroud-Jackson vs. Willie Bell"Alicia says Willie's cheating allegations have taken a toll on their relationship and she's had enough; Willie claims Alicia has been unfaithful and is suing for custody of their four pit bulls.
Divorce CourtS22, EP11 "Artika Williams vs. Tito Wilgo"Artika says Tito is a controlling and manipulative serial cheater; Tito says Artika should be grateful that he has brought structure and stability into her life.
Judge Karen's CourtEP43 "Did the Party Princess Ruin the Party?"Richard argues that Tanya tried to leave his child's birthday party early so he had every right to stop her.
Judge Karen's CourtEP61 "I Was Too Drunk to Sign So Don't You Whine!"A man tries to get out of repaying a loan by saying he was drunk when he signed the promissory note.
Judge Karen's CourtEP31 "Oh Man! You Ripped Off My Boy Band!"Accusations of embezzled funds put a band's future in jeopardy.
Judge Karen's CourtEP28 "The Party is Over"Judy is suing her niece for 12 months of unpaid rent; Cassandra says there was never a deal to pay any rent, and she is devastated that her aunt is dragging her into court.
Judge Karen's CourtEP2 "Hair Divas in a Hairy Dispute!"James sues Carle over salon rental fees that have not been paid.
Judge Karen's CourtEP21 "One Door Closes"A homeowner who may need a behavior renovation takes a contractor who may be as crooked as a bent nail to court.
Judge Karen's CourtEP23 "Relationship Renovations"A kitchen renovation between siblings creates a recipe for disaster; brother and sister, Ronald and Rhonda, go to court.
Judge Karen's CourtEP19 "My House My Couch"Christopher sues his brother, who punched his tooth out; the brother claims Christopher started the fight, so he is not responsible for damages.
Judge Karen's CourtEP34 "Turning Her Freak Off"Before Pablo was Stephanie's ex, their relationship was all about sex; however, her change in hormones caused issues, and now they are in court.
Judge Karen's CourtEP7 "Biting the Hand That Feeds You"Priscilla sues her disabled mother for the money she borrowed to purchase a wheelchair; Dora is shocked that her own daughter would file a suit against her after all the love and support she's shown throughout her life.
Judge Karen's CourtEP27 "The Christian Crusader"Friends Matt and James sue their other roommate, David, who became a violent religious fanatic, slinging shoes and punching faces.
Judge DadS3, EP8 "Baby Not On Board"Cooper sues his ex-girlfriend Alicia for the money he spent taking care of her, claiming she faked a positive pregnancy test; Alicia claims she suffered a miscarriage due to the emotional tumultuous relationship they shared.
Judge DadS3, EP10 "Puff Puff Trash"Evan sues his mother Melinda for throwing out his medicinal cannabis; Melinda admits she threw out his cannabis, but claims good intentions due to worrying he may slip into addiction due to her family's genetic predisposition.
Judge DadS3, EP12 "More Than Just the Mags"Recently moved to college, Andrew sues his parents for throwing away his magazine collection which he considered irreplaceable; his parents say that were they so valuable, he should have taken his collection with him in the first place.
Judge Dad"Judge Dad"Sean McMillan brings a father's tough love and common sense to resolving real world disputes with cheating spouses, sneaky roommates, creepy landlords, disappointing friends, greedy siblings and scheming coworkers.
State ParoleS1, EP3A fugitive escapes from California Parole Agents; a wife harbors her fugitive husband from Colorado Parole Officers.
State ParoleS1, EP5 "The Plot Thickens"A home visit leads to contraband and a manhunt; a Nevada man avoids his parole officer.
State ParoleS1, EP8A parole agent captures a suspect hiding in a van. A parolee hides in his house, while parole agents break down the door and arrest him anyway.
State ParoleS1, EP10 "Flying the Coop"A parolee tries to flee from the back of his house; a drug and weapon search ends in an arrest.
Judge MomS2, EP6 "Will-fully Repugnant"Wilbur and his wife are suing his sister, Jennifer, after their son was left out of their grandmother's will.
Judge Mom"Shadows of Doubt"Samantha sues Elizabeth and P.I. Ricardo for $40,000 over false accusations; Samantha claims harassment and defamation after Elizabeth hired Ricardo and he wrongly accused Samantha.
Judge Mom"Little League, Big Problems"The Wilsons sue Sean Moore, Ballpark Bandits sponsor, for $10,000 after their son got fired mid-season; Sean blames Kevin's erratic behavior and Laurie for fostering negativity.
Judge Mom"Rascal Roy & HOA Nightmare"Mindy Santez sues Roy Franklin for $2 million, claiming Roy's drunken scooter incident ruined Timmy's Olympic career; Mindy claims Roy's ongoing violations led to harassment and Roy claims he'd been repeatedly targeted.
Judge MathisS23, EP4A woman sues her mother for unreturned property and emotional distress; mom says her daughter's boyfriend is physically and mentally abusive.
Judge MathisS23, EP28A woman says her ex-husband cheated on her several times, but he insists they were in an open relationship; she sues for an illegal eviction and emotional distress.
Judge MathisS23, EP78The plaintiff's father says the defendant is her sister, but she wants proof, so she has petitioned the court for a DNA test.
Judge MathisS23, EP82A woman sues her best friend's daughter for a gas bill, an electric bill and court costs; the defendant says the plaintiff falsely accused her of child abuse and called child protective services on her.
Judge MathisS23, EP37Woman sues her ex for repayment of a loan, claims he cheated on her throughout their relationship, and says she had to file a restraining order against him after he tried to burn down her house.
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