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Midsomer Murders FavoritesS10, EP8 "Death in a Chocolate Box"Barnaby is called to solve the mystery of an ex-colleague who was brutally murdered.
Hudson & RexS4, EP4 "Leader of the Pack"While Sarah embarks on a wilderness adventure, Charlie and Rex investigate the murder of a college professor.
Hudson & RexS4, EP3 "Rex Marks the Spot"After a journalist is killed searching for buried pirate treasure, Charlie and Rex dig deep into the competitive world of treasure-hunters to unearth the killer.
Hudson & RexS4, EP5 "Rex to Riches"A stock market guru's fortune is stolen, setting Charlie and Rex on the trail of a very surprising thief...
Hudson & RexS4, EP15 "Nightmare on Water St."While St. John's celebrates Mardi Gras, Charlie and Rex investigate a targeted killing spree.
Hudson & RexS4, EP8 "Sudden Death"After an elite hockey prospect is found dead, Charlie and Jesse disagree over the prime suspect in the case.
Hudson & RexS4, EP10 "Blood & Diamonds"After a raw diamond is found at the crime scene of a murder, Major Crimes sets up a stakeout to take down the suspected gem smugglers; an undisclosed team connection threatens to derail the investigation.
Hudson & RexS4, EP11 "Capital Punishment"Charlie and Rex receive an award for heroism while Major Crimes investigates an extremist threat.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP3 "Vixen's Run"Barnaby and Jones suspect foul play when a wealthy man dies of a heart attack.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP4 "Down Among the Dead Men"When a man is shot in his home, Barnaby and Jones search for the killer.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP5 "Death in Chorus"Barnaby must investigate when a local choir member is found dead.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP6 "Country Matters"Barnaby and Jones investigate the death of a man found in a deserted timberyard.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP7 "Last Year's Model"Barnaby begins to doubt the evidence in a woman's murder trial.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP8 "Four Funerals and a Wedding"Chief inspector investigates a murder while on a family excursion.
Acapulco H.E.A.T.S2, EP4 "Day of the Dead"The H.E.A.T. are caught between the CIA and Gulf War veterans searching for gold bullion transported to Puerto Vallarta during the war.
Acapulco H.E.A.T.S2, EP5 "Dream Girl"In exchange for asylum, a woman offers the whereabouts of a terrorist.
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