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NCIS: New OrleansS5, EP2 "Inside Out"The team searches for a former Irish Republican Army bomb maker who was smuggled into the city; they are joined by agent Hannah Khoury, Pride's replacement during his medical leave; Pride considers a new position within the agency.
NCIS: New OrleansS5, EP3 "Diplomatic Immunity"The team investigates the murder of a Navy intelligence officer killed during a conference for foreign diplomats; Pride has some trouble adjusting to his new position at the agency.
NCIS: New OrleansS5, EP4 "Legacy"An investigation into the murder of a petty officer reveals a conspiracy in a tight-knit local fishing community; Lasalle awaits the final results of the tax fraud investigation into his family's company.
NCIS: New OrleansS5, EP5 "In the Blood"Pride's father, Cassius Pride, is wrapped up in an NCIS case involving a notorious unsolved casino heist; Pride meets a family member he never knew existed.
NCIS: New OrleansS5, EP6 "Pound of Flesh"After Pride's assistant escapes from a kidnapper, the team uncovers evidence of a suspect who is harvesting organs from multiple victims; Pride turns to a friend for guidance as he struggles with the ramifications of his recent brush with death.
NCIS: New OrleansS5, EP7 "Sheepdogs"Following a deadly car explosion in the French Quarter, the team interrogates a professor and former member of a student protest organization; Tammy discovers a secret about Hannah's personal life.
NCIS: New OrleansS5, EP8 "Close to Home"The team places Mateo Diaz, a high school gang member turned informant, in protective custody while they investigate the murder of his junior reserve officers' training corps instructor; Pride needs his brother's help to gain Mateo's trust.
NCIS: New OrleansS5, EP9 "Risk Assessment"The team investigates the murder of a Navy contractor who secretly lived two lives for decades.
NCIS: New OrleansS1, EP20 "Rock-a-Bye-Baby"When a Navy commander's car is stolen with his baby inside, the team must determine if it was a targeted abduction.
NCIS: New OrleansS1, EP21 "You'll Do"Lasalle's brother, Cade, needs the team's help when he becomes a murder suspect -- and cannot remember what happened; Lasalle is determined to prove Cade's innocence, despite the wealth of evidence against him.
NCIS: New OrleansS1, EP22 "How Much Pain Can You Take?"Baitfish murders a person close to the team in order to send a message to Pride; a citywide hunt for the elusive criminal takes place.
NCIS: New OrleansS1, EP23 "My City"Pride has suspicions about a mole; new intelligence comes to light that indicates a breach at the ports.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP1 "Sic Semper Tyranis"Pride and the team must go on a dangerous undercover mission to retrieve a stolen missile and prevent an attack.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP2 "Shadow Unit"A blogger dedicated to exposing government corruption is murdered; during the investigation, it is revealed that a war crime may have occurred during a humanitarian effort in Bolivia.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP3 "Touched by the Sun"When a highly regarded Navy pilot is killed after crashing a new, high-tech jet at an air show, the team must determine if it was human or mechanical error.
NCIS: New OrleansS2, EP4 "I Do"The NCIS team investigates when a Navy drone pilot is murdered after using a black market drone to obtain military surveillance.
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