ION Mystery is home to television’s most binge-worthy, edge-of-your-seat thrillers, docuseries and originals. With top-rated shows including “Law & Order” and the “CSI” franchise, plus real-life investigative series like “The First 48,” ION Mystery invites viewers to put on their detective hat and join the investigation.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS4, EP6 "Tainted Fruit"A woman is killed after receiving threatening letters, setting off a chain of murders for DCI Barnaby to investigate.
CSI: MiamiS5, EP23 "Kill Switch"After a suspected carjacker is killed, the team learns that he may have been involved in drug smuggling off the shore of Miami.
CSI: MiamiS5, EP24 "Born to Kill"When a serial killer is caught and identified as having an extra Y chromosome, the team mistakenly thinks that it has closed the case.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP1 "Dangerous Son"A hostage situation turns into murder; Horatio thinks one of the suspects may be his son.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP2 "Cyber-lebrity"After the Internet turns a high-school student into an international sex symbol, information leaked about Horatio puts his life in danger.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP3 "Inside Out"Horatio goes in search of his son, who is missing after a deadly prison break.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP4 "Bang, Bang, Your Debt"While probing the mysterious death of a college student in a car fire, the CSI team finds evidence indicating that a former colleague (Rory Cochrane) may still be alive.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP5 "Deep Freeze"A retired sports legend is stabbed to death, but Alexx is unable to take the body for an autopsy.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP6 "Sunblock"Bizarre occurrences distract investigators as they track a serial killer who struck during an eclipse of the sun.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP7 "Chain Reaction"The investigation into a model's murder sends Horatio back to prison, where he must work with a former nemesis to clear his son's name.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP8 "Permanent Vacation"A family vacation turns deadly, forcing the CSI team to find the killer before the survivors decide to seek justice on their own.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP9 "Stand Your Ground"Calleigh's professional and personal life are in danger after someone attempts to murder her.
CSI: MiamiS6, EP10 "CSI: My Nanny"A wealthy family's nanny is found stabbed to death in their home during a party.
Justice Served: Murderous AffairsS1, EP1 "The Price of Love"A husband carefully plans a murder; a love triangle leads to a deadly conspiracy.
Justice Served: Murderous AffairsS1, EP2 "Secrets and Lies"Love and lust leads to murders in Atlanta and Colorado.
Justice Served: Murderous AffairsS1, EP3 "Saints and Sinners"A church minister and a teacher fall for a student.
Justice Served: Murderous AffairsS1, EP4 "Steamy Lessons"A pregnant wife is killed execution style; an EMT is intent on taking a life.
Crime 360S2, EP10 "Nowhere to Run"A 15-year-old boy is shot to death on a neighborhood street.
Crime 360S2, EP7 "Run & Gun"A 21-year-old man is gunned down during a shootout in a residential neighborhood.
LeverageS1, EP4 "The Miracle Job"Nate helps his old friend Father Paul stop the demolition of his church. His means however, a fake miracle, are a lot less holy than his ends.
LeverageS1, EP5 "The Bank Shot Job"Nate, Sophie and the mark are taken hostage during a bank robbery; the team tries to help the two amateur and desperate robbers.
LeverageS1, EP6 "The Stork Job"The team goes after an adoption company that is scamming couples looking to adopt war orphans; the team hijacks the production of a horror movie.
LeverageS1, EP7 "The Wedding Job"The team poses as wedding planners to get close to a Mafia boss and must pull off a wedding while pulling off the heist.
LeverageS1, EP8 "The Mile High Job"All the evidence the team seeks to expose a cover-up is on a plane heading to the Cayman Islands; airborne, the team uncovers a more sinister situation.
LeverageS1, EP9 "The Snow Job"The team goes after a construction company that foreclosed on a National Guardsman's home; Nate puts the team in jeopardy with his drinking.
LeverageS1, EP10 "The 12 Step Job"The team tricks an alcoholic financier into rehab to try to recover the money he swindled from a charity.
LeverageS1, EP11 "The Juror No. 6 Job"One of Parker's aliases is chosen for jury duty; the team tries to stop someone from buying a favorable verdict in the trial.
ScorpionS1, EP15 "Forget Me Nots"The team must help an injured former Secret Service agent regain his memory in order to stop the launching of weapons of mass destruction.
ScorpionS1, EP16 "Love Boat"The team members go under cover on a cruise ship in order to locate and disable stolen rockets; as Valentine's Day approaches, Ralph develops a crush.
ScorpionS1, EP17 "Going South"The members of the team travel to Mexico when the daughter of a tech billionaire is abducted; Walter participates in an interview that leads to hurt feelings.
ScorpionS1, EP18 "Once Bitten, Twice Die"The team must facilitate peace discussions when a conflict in Eastern Europe threatens to escalate into World War III.
ScorpionS1, EP19 "Young Hearts Spark Fire"As the members of team Scorpion try to save lost hikers, their helicopter crashes, igniting a large wildfire and injuring the pilot.
ScorpionS1, EP20 "Crossroads"The team protects a witness who is on her way to testify against a dangerous drug cartel -- while the cartel is in hot pursuit.
ScorpionS1, EP21 "Cliffhanger"When Walter finally learns Cabe's secret about the Baghdad mission, the future of the team is threatened; Ralph puts his life in jeopardy to help the team.
ScorpionS1, EP22 "Postcards From the Edge"When Walter's car ends up at the edge of a cliff, the fractured team must come together for their most important mission yet.
ScorpionS2, EP1 "Satellite of Love"When a nuclear powered Russian satellite is knocked out of orbit, the new Director of Homeland Security reunites the team; Paige and Walter confront their feelings.
ScorpionS2, EP2 "Cuba Libre"When a woman from Cabe's past asks for help apprehending a war criminal, the members of Team Scorpion travel to Cuba.
ScorpionS2, EP3 "Fish Filet"Sylvester goes under cover in a federal prison in hope of saving three judges' lives; the team must orchestrate a prison break when Sylvester's life is threatened.
ScorpionS2, EP4 "Robots"An explosion sends a top-secret submarine to the bottom of the ocean with limited oxygen, a self-destruct function that's about to activate, and Walter, Cabe and Happy on board.
Corrupt CrimesS1, EP81 "Scarsdale Diet Murder"Dr. Herman Tarnower's lover murders him; a series of vicious killings terrorizes a community.
Corrupt CrimesS2, EP1 "Cop Killer"Ex-policeman Christopher Dorner declares war on law enforcement officers and goes on a cop-killing spree.
Corrupt CrimesS1, EP6 "The Hiccup Murder"A teen made famous by five weeks of nonstop hiccups makes headlines again -- for murder; the downfall of "fixer" to Hollywood's elite Anthony Pellicano.
Corrupt CrimesS2, EP47 "The Fiendish Friend"A man arrested at his bachelor party says he murdered his friends because his marriage expenses were getting out of control.
Crime StoriesS4, EP2 "The Human Hunter"Bakery owner Robert C. Hansen is accused of raping his victims, turning them loose and hunting them down like animals.
Crime StoriesS4, EP1 "Railcar Killer"In the summer of 1999, serial killer Angel Resendez Ramiriz terrorized railroad communities before finally surrendering to police.
The ListenerS1, EP7 "Iris"When Toby sees a woman revive a badly injured baby, he becomes curious about her gift.
The ListenerS1, EP8 "One Way or Another"Toby uses his gift to help Detective Marks gather intelligence from the traumatized victim of a serial rapist.
The ListenerS1, EP9 "Inside Man"When the only witness to a double murder is unable to speak, Toby reads his mind to determine what happened.
The ListenerS1, EP10 "Missing"Toby and Olivia learn that Oz's parents' restaurant is in trouble; Toby uses his telepathy to try to solve a missing persons case.
Medical DetectivesS1, EP13 "Raw Terror"An 11-year-old boy comes down with a fever and diarrhea after eating an undercooked burger; when his condition worsens, his mother drives him to a hospital and doctors discover E. coli destroying his body.
Medical DetectivesS6, EP26 "Double Trouble"The investigation of a murder case in New Jersey is stalled until a similar attack occurs on a state trooper in Maine.
Medical DetectivesS13, EP3 "Shoot to Thrill"Police launch a search for a killer after a teenager returns home to find his father's body in a pool of blood.
Medical DetectivesS10, EP5 "Soiled Plan"Twenty years after the murder of a young mother, technology gives new light to evidence and points to the killer.
Medical DetectivesS5, EP6 "Memories"A woman identifies her husband as her attacker, but questions arise 16 years later regarding her recollections.
Medical DetectivesS9, EP9 "Cloak of Deceit"A trio of men, responsible for several bank robberies, leaves no evidence behind; forensic scientists help catch them by looking at the criminals' posture and clothing.
Medical DetectivesS6, EP12 "Whodunit"A murder mystery theater performance in Easton, Md., turns into a real-life mystery when a body is found after the performance ends.
Medical DetectivesS6, EP13 "Horse Play"When a woman dies in a horseback riding accident, police uncover a web of lies in her husband's background after his suspicious behavior prompts a closer look.
Medical DetectivesS4, EP13 "Slippery Motives"While at a real estate conference in St. Louis, a man finds his wife drowned in the bathtub in their hotel room.
Medical DetectivesS6, EP15 "Killer's Cattle Log"Missouri police are thrust into a bizarre web of homeless drifters and cattle auctions when they are called to retrieve a dead body.
Medical DetectivesS6, EP16 "Skin of Her Teeth"A killer wants to outwit the police and keep the identity of his victim secret so he removes the teeth; however, lab tests on the skull reveal not just the horrific nature of the murder, but the identity of the victim too.
Medical DetectivesS11, EP17 "Internal Affair"A woman is found dead, police use blood evidence and computer forensics to convince a jury that the murderer is guilty.
Medical DetectivesS6, EP18 "Bad Blood"When a young doctor is accused of sedating and sexually assaulting two of his female patients, DNA tests show him to be innocent, but the women persist with their claims; seven years later, a private investigation leads to a surprising discovery.
Medical DetectivesS10, EP19 "Oily in the Morning"When police recovered the submerged car of missing man, they found no body; the investigation that followed uncovers a deadly obsession and the motive for murder.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP3 "Bad Apple"Pride travels to New York City after new DNA evidence is linked to a 20-year-old cold case from his past.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP4 "Overlooked"The team uncovers a sinister plot by a private detention center contracted by the government to house undocumented immigrants; Lasalle and Sebastian travel to Alabama to search for Lasalle's missing brother.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP5 "Spies & Lies"Navy Lt. Max Landry asks the New Orleans field office for help when he suspects his girlfriend is a spy; Lasalle faces another devastating dead end as he searches for his brother's last known whereabouts.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP6 "Matthew 5:9"Lasalle hopes to avenge his brother's murder by tracking a drug ring in Alabama he believes is responsible; when Pride assists with the case, he crosses paths with Eddie Barrett, an elusive individual who knows more than he is sharing.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP7 "Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom"Following a natural gas explosion at a movie theater, the team discovers the gas company has been hacked and more explosions could be triggered.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP8 "The Order of the Mongoose"Sebastian calls the team to assist with a possible kidnapping case when a dignitary's son he was assigned to protect disappears from a local concert venue.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP9 "Convicted"After Eddie Barrett provides an alibi witness, Pride and the team are more determined than ever to find a break in the case and avenge Lasalle's murder.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP10 "Requital"Pride is cut off from the team and backed into a corner after the investigation into Eddie Barrett uncovers a malicious plot.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP11 "Bad Moon Rising"The team is concerned when Sebastian becomes unreachable while under cover as a new recruit.
NCIS: New OrleansS6, EP12 "Waiting for Monroe"The team must track down a mysterious female assassin responsible for murders in Athens, Rome and London; Wade's son begs her to allow him to go on a police ride-along for an article he's writing on a youth outreach program.
Corrupt CrimesS1, EP45 "A Designer Murder"Andrew Cunanan's killing spree ends in the death of fashion icon Gianni Versace; Tyco's top brass pilfers hundreds of millions of dollars through the company.
Corrupt CrimesS1, EP8 "A Reality TV Murder"TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman is convicted of killing his wife; a corruption scandal nearly bankrupts a California city.
Corrupt CrimesS2, EP49 "Bus Stop Killer"Eighteen years after a teen's murder, there is a DNA match, and police have their killer.
Corrupt CrimesS1, EP13 "The Killer Imposter"A killer on the run masquerades as an heir to the Rockefeller fortune.
Corrupt CrimesS2, EP7 "Assassination of Anna"A world-renowned writer and human rights activist is shot and killed in the elevator of her Moscow apartment block.
Corrupt CrimesS1, EP17 "The Crooked Mayor Affair"Dying Detroit's biggest hope ends up destroying it; a political dynasty ends when a dark secret is revealed about Northern Ireland's First Minister's wife.
Corrupt CrimesS1, EP2 "A Rich Young Killer"The primary suspect in the unsolved murder of Natalee Holloway is convicted of murdering a Peruvian woman; an angry soccer player fatally assaults a referee.
Corrupt CrimesS1, EP9 "The Mountie Murderer"A troubled Royal Canadian Mountie officer kills one of his own; the son of a Las Vegas judge robs $1.5 million from a casino.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS4, EP3 "The Electric Vendetta"When a man's naked body is found at the centre of a crop circle and more corpses begin turning up with peculiar injuries, DCI Barnaby has to uncover who is responsible - or are extraterrestrial powers really at work in Midsomer?.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS4, EP4 "Who Killed Cock Robin?"Barnaby's old adversary, Melvyn Stockard, may be behind the death of his son's future father-in-law.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS4, EP5 "Dark Autumn"Adulterous liaisons and pub rivalries may be behind the murder of a postman.
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