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Unusual SuspectsS8, EP13 "Stone Cold Fusion"The leading advocate for the science of cold fusion is beaten to death and investigators theorize about a wide range of suspects, from corporate executives to burglars.
Unusual SuspectsS8, EP10 "Kill Now, Pay Later"Police make an arrest in the contract killing of a California businessman and realize it's just the beginning of the story.
48 Hours on IDS17, EP7 "Fighting for Aniah"Aniah Blanchard, a 19-year-old college student and step-daughter of UFC star Walt Harris, disappears in the fall of 2019; it takes more than a month to find her and to uncover the truth of what happened to her that fateful night.
48 Hours on IDS16, EP32 "The Suspicious Death of Christian Andreacchio"Investigating the suspicious death of a young Mississippi man, Christian Andreacchio, and uncovering new information that gives his family hope in its search for justice.
48 Hours on IDS19, EP4 "The Snapchat Clue"After married couple Krista and Bart Halderson suddenly disappears, clues on the social media app Snapchat point to a culprit that no one would ever suspect.
Lethally BlondeS1, EP1 "Too Fast Too Furious"When detectives respond to a 911 call from a lavish Miami apartment, they uncover a bloody scene with a wildly successful social media influencer at the center; as they piece events together, it's clear a lot is going on behind closed doors.
Lethally BlondeS1, EP2 "The Porn Identity"All-American Midwestern hunk Timothy Boham's innocent modeling career catapults him into porn industry stardom; when Tim tries to escape the vicious cycle of selling his body for money, running from his past proves to be deadly.
Lethally BlondeS1, EP3 "Dirty Dancing"A single mother turns to exotic dancing to support her family; as she becomes successful, the temptation to make much more money leads to lies with devastating consequences; faced with an uncertain future, she stabs and kills her boyfriend.
20/20 on IDS9, EP17 "Chameleon -- Part One"Cutting-edge DNA technology and a mysterious 5-year-old girl provide crucial clues that help authorities solve a murder mystery that unravels across the country for over three decades.
20/20 on IDS9, EP18 "Chameleon -- Part Two"Cutting-edge DNA technology and a mysterious 5-year-old girl provide crucial clues that help authorities solve a murder mystery that unravels across the country for over three decades.
On the Case With Paula ZahnS26, EP2 "Faith and Duty"A mysterious late-night call requesting last rites for a loved one leads to the shocking murder of a beloved priest.
On the Case With Paula ZahnS26, EP1 "Follow the Blood"Police trace a trail of blood in an attempt to catch a cold and calculating killer.
On the Case With Paula ZahnS26, EP3 "Justice Frozen"The police look to find the killer of an unidentified woman found bound, frozen and shot to death in the mountains of Utah.
Evil TwinsS5, EP2 "Under My Thumb"From the womb, the Cormier twins are partners in mischief, but, as they get older, their innocent antics devolve into a much darker game; soon, the battle for reality and fantasy bleeds into real life threatening to tear the twins apart.
Evil TwinsS5, EP1 "Fire for Freedom"Identical twins Caleb and Joshua are the apples of their father's eye, but the pressure to be exceptional manifests itself as a dangerous hatred; isolated from the world, the twins' seclusion fuels a need for them to break free at any cost.
Evil TwinsS6, EP2 "All-American Killers"Identical twins Roman and Ruslan Glukhoy are high school wrestling champions with a bright future in professional sports; after a freak accident shatters their dreams, they follow a dark path to death and destruction.
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