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Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS6, EP13 "Point Blank"Sully and the townsfolk worry about Dr. Mike when she begins having recurring nightmares after being shot by a man with a hatred of doctors.
Touched by an AngelS1, EP5 "Cassie's Choice"As a delivery-room nurse, Monica (Roma Downey) helps an unwed teen decide about her baby; guest Susan Ruttan.
Touched by an AngelS1, EP6 "The Heart of the Matter"Monica learns about wills and inheritances while teaching a shy estate lawyer about living and loving.
Highway to HeavenS1, EP20 "The Banker and the Bum"Jonathan arranges an exchange between a pitiless millionaire and a kind vagrant (Ned Beatty in a dual role).
Highway to HeavenS1, EP21 "The Brightest Star"An 11-year-old actress (Carrie Wells) manipulates parents and co-workers; guest Trish Van Devere.
Highway to HeavenS1, EP22 "An Investment in Caring"A widow (Eileen Heckart) will lose her home to corporate developers unless neighbors will help.
Highway to HeavenS1, EP24 "Thoroughbreds"Jonathan and Mark play Cupid for a rancher's son (John Hammond) and a horse trainer's daughter (Helen Hunt).
Highway to HeavenS1, EP25 "Thoroughbreds"Learning she has cancer, Lizzy (Helen Hunt) tells Garth (John Hammond) their elopement was a mistake.
Highway to HeavenS1, EP7 "One Fresh Batch of Lemonade"A high-school student who lost his legs in an accident regains his will to live. With Michael Landon and Victor French.
Touched by an AngelS9, EP21 "I Will Walk With You"Monica helps a town who has turned on one another following a tragic accident involving their children.
Touched by an AngelS9, EP22 "I Will Walk With You"Monica helps a town who has turned on one another following a tragic accident involving their children.
Highway to HeavenS1, EP8 "A Divine Madness"A greedy son (Jonathan Frakes) wants to institutionalize his eccentric father (Ron Moody), a construction tycoon.
Highway to HeavenS1, EP9 "Catch a Falling Star"An actor (Daniel Davis) hires Jonathan and Mark to look after his estranged children (Bobby Jacoby, Emily Moultrie).
Highway to HeavenS1, EP10 "Help Wanted: Angel"On a film set, Jonathan meets another angel (Al Ruscio), and Mark falls for an actress (Stella Stevens).
Highway to HeavenS1, EP11 "Dust Child"A Vietnam veteran causes problems when he brings home his Amerasian daughter. With Michael Landon and Victor French.
Highway to HeavenS1, EP12 "Hotel of Dreams"Mark and Jonathan work as hotel bellhops to help a millionaire's son (Brian Kerwin) find meaning in his life.
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