Hallmark Drama's programming evokes the rich legacy and spirit of Hallmark Hall of Fame, the most award-winning and longest-running primetime series in the history of television.
The WaltonsS4, EP19 "The Big Brother"A 12-year-old tries to con the Waltons and Baldwins out of $25 needed to free her swindler grandfather from jail.
The WaltonsS4, EP20 "The Test"The offer of a full-time job as a dressmaker in a fashionable shop opens new opportunities for Olivia; guest Abby Dalton.
The WaltonsS4, EP21 "The Quilting"Defying Grandma, Mary Ellen refuses to take part in a quilting bee planned to mark her emergence into womanhood.
The WaltonsS4, EP22 "The House"Grandma joins with the Baldwin sisters, against her husband, to save a house in her hometown from demolition.
McBride: Fallen IdolA lawyer (John Larroquette) investigates a teenager accused of killing a defense attorney during a robbery gone wrong.
McBride: Semper FiAn attorney (John Larroquette) and a forensic detective (Marta Dubois) investigate the husband (Liam Waite) of a pregnant woman who was stabbed to death.
The WaltonsS4, EP23 "The Fledgling"John-Boy takes a full-time job to earn a down-payment for a printing press.
The WaltonsS4, EP24 "The Collision"An old love (Kathleen Quinlan) urges John-Boy to join the Spanish Civil War. Directed by Richard Thomas.
The WaltonsS5, EP1 "The First Edition"John-Boy plans to publish two sensational stories in his newspaper's first edition; guest Conrad Janis.
The WaltonsS5, EP2 "The Vigil"Mary Ellen diagnoses Grandma's abdominal pains as flu, but the elderly woman must be rushed to the hospital.
The WaltonsS5, EP3 "The Comeback"A former musician (Merle Haggard) is encouraged to make a comeback as part of a plan for Jason to earn his conservatory tuition.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS5, EP18 "A House Divided"An old friend of Sully's seeks an affair with Dr. Mike while flashing his financial success before the family.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS5, EP18 "A House Divided"An old friend of Sully's seeks an affair with Dr. Mike while flashing his financial success before the family.
Highway to HeavenS3, EP10 "Man to Man"Jonathan and Mark cause a dying tycoon and his only son to come to know each other; guest Lee H. Montgomery.
Highway to HeavenS3, EP11 "Jonathan Smith Goes to Washington"A U.S. senator (Eddie Albert) opposes Jonathan and Mark's efforts to pass legislation to save a little girl's life.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP5 "The Monster of Walnut Grove"Laura thinks she saw Mr. Oleson kill his wife, but no one believes her.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP6 "Journey in the Spring"Charles rushes back to Wisconsin after he learns his mother has died and his father is suicidal with grief.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP7 "Journey in the Spring"Charles' father stays with the Ingalls, but an incident with Laura deepens his depression.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP8 "Fred"Laura cannot understand why the rest of the family doesn't like her cranky billy goat.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP9 "Bully Boys"Charles tries to tolerate three bullies, until they assault his family.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP10 "The Hunters"Laura asks help from a blind recluse (Burl Ives) and his trapper son (Johnny Crawford) when Charles has a hunting accident.
Little House on the PrairieS4, EP10 "The Fighter"Charles take Jonathan's place in a bout with an aging fighter (Moses Gunn), but victory dims when Charles realizes the boxer is badly injured.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP11 "Blizzard"The community's children are trapped by a sudden snowstorm while on their way home from school. With Michael Landon and Karen Grassle.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP4 "Little Girl Lost"A drunken former miner (John Ireland) must rescue Carrie from a deep hole.
Little House on the PrairieS3, EP13 "Quarantine"When Mr. Edwards takes his deathly ill daughter to a mountain cabin to nurse her, Laura tries to help.
A Valentine's DateLaura (Elisa Donovan) has to move to Texas with her daughter, Kelsey (Kirstin Dorn), when the girl's dad (Brad Rowe) files for joint custody, forcing Kelsey to confront the lifestyle and father she left behind.
Straight From the HeartDisheartened when Edward (Greg Evigan), her boyfriend of five years, fails to ask her to marry him, photographer Jordan Donovan (Teri Polo) takes her friend's advice and flies to Wyoming for a blind date with rancher Tyler Ross (Andrew McCarthy). The two overcome their initial dislike of each other and fall in love, but Tyler is haunted by the death of his wife, while Jordan is still attached to Edward. Worried they may not be able to maintain a relationship, Jordan returns to New York City.
The WaltonsS5, EP4 "The Baptism"A renowned evangelist (John Karlen) comes to lead the annual revival, exciting everyone but John. Directed by Ralph Waite.
The WaltonsS5, EP5 "The Firestorm"John-Boy becomes the target of public indignation when he insists on printing excerpts from Hitler's "Mein Kampf.".
The WaltonsS5, EP6 "The Nightwalker"A night prowler panics Walton's Mountain, threatening the success of Jason's money-raising town dance.
The WaltonsS5, EP7 "The Wedding"Mary Ellen announces her engagement to David Spencer; Dr. Curtis Willard arrives at Walton's Mountain.
The WaltonsS5, EP7 "The Wedding"Mary Ellen reconsiders her wedding as her relationship with Dr. Willard deepens; the doctor vanishes with clinic funds.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS5, EP19 "Hostage"Despite being wounded by two bank robbers, Sully works to free his wife, Brian and Katie when they are taken hostage by the desperate men.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS5, EP20 "The Body Electric"Brian takes a liking to visiting writer Walt Whitman, even when the townspeople shun Whitman over rumors of his alternative lifestyle.
Highway to HeavenS3, EP12 "Oh Lucky Man"Mark and Jonathan (Victor French, Michael Landon) become the target of con artists after Mark wins $5 million. Guest stars: Roy Thinnes and Shannon Tweed.
Highway to HeavenS3, EP13 "Basinger's New York"Jonathan, Mark and a weary New York columnist (Richard Mulligan) share a cab and seek the spirit of Christmas.
MatlockS2, EP3 "Blind Justice"A sculptor (David Ogden Stiers) frames Michelle's friend for the murder of the man responsible for his blindness.
MatlockS2, EP5 "The Husband"Ben tackles a case in which a murdered man's three wives are suspects in the killing.
MatlockS1, EP18 "The Convict"Matlock gets a second chance at justice when a former client, convicted of murder, kills an inmate in self-defense.
MatlockS1, EP19 "The Court Martial"Ben defends a rebellious young soldier framed in the murder of his sadistic lieutenant.
MatlockS1, EP20 "The Court Martial"While defending Private Hughes (Tony Becker), Matlock uncovers a scandal that could ruin four officers.
MatlockS1, EP21 "The Therapist"A movie idol (Steve Bond) is accused of murdering the sex therapist who went public with his problems.
MatlockS1, EP22 "The People vs. Matlock"Matlock is tried for jury tampering when a mild-mannered juror claims the attorney offered him a bribe.
MatlockS1, EP23 "The Photographer"A woman (Julie Ronnie) is accused of murdering her boss, a photographer who was involved in blackmail.
MatlockS1, EP24 "The Reporter"Matlock is asked to help when a newlywed is accused of murdering her husband -- whose body is not the one in the morgue.
MatlockS1, EP25 "The Doctors"A young resident seeks Ben's defense when he is framed for the murder of his formidable chief surgeon.
MatlockS2, EP1 "The Billionaire"Matlock travels to London to conduct a mock retrial for a man convicted of killing his millionaire father.
MatlockS2, EP2 "The Billionaire"In London to investigate the murder of a millionaire, Matlock discovers several people who had reasonable motives for committing the crime.
Jane Doe: 'Til Death Do Us PartA woman (Lea Thompson) must find an arms dealer who faked a heart attack to escape from prison.
Jane Doe: The Wrong FaceUndercover NSA special agent Kathy Davis springs into action to solve the kidnapping of a prosecutor's wife.
The WaltonsS4, EP8 "The Competition"Erin and Mary Ellen compete for the attentions of a visiting forestry student; Olivia cares for a foster child.
The WaltonsS4, EP9 "The Emergence"Olivia is a substitute teacher at Walton's Mountain School; John-Boy's old flame, Marcia, returns with her new fiance.
The WaltonsS4, EP10 "The Loss"The children learn about grief when they try to help a young widow.
The WaltonsS4, EP11 "The Abdication"After he helps with the filming of a writer's experiences with the Waltons, John-Boy is offered a job in New York.
The WaltonsS4, EP12 "The Estrangement"The Waltons offer refuge to a woman who left her husband (Richard Hatch), a Walton relative and moonshiner.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS5, EP16 "The Most Fatal Disease"Kid Cole and Sister Ruth (Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash) visit Dr. Mike (Jane Seymour) at a difficult time in their marriage.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanS5, EP17 "Colleen's Paper"Dr. Mike and Colleen recall past cases as part of a college course Colleen is taking; Andrew is overcome by a mysterious ailment.
Highway to HeavenS3, EP6 "Love at Second Sight"Jonathan and Mark (Michael Landon, Victor French) pose as recreation directors to help an angel (guest star John McLiam) on a difficult assignment.
Highway to HeavenS3, EP9 "Code Name: Freak"Jonathan and Mark (Michael Landon, Victor French) help a college student (guest star Jeffrey Davis) cope with a selfish roommate (guest star Gary Hershberger).
The WaltonsS4, EP13 "The Nurse"Mary Ellen learns about math, science and humanity as she works with a public-health nurse while preparing to enter nursing school.
The WaltonsS4, EP14 "The Intruders"Ben, his pride wounded by a girl, leaves home as the Waltons compete with another lumber company for an important railroad contract.
The WaltonsS4, EP15 "The Search"Olivia, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth set out to visit a friend but wind up becoming lost on Walton's Mountain; guest Wilford Brimley.
The WaltonsS4, EP16 "The Secret"Suspecting that he may be adopted, Jim-Bob investigates the circumstances of his birth and uncovers a long-hidden family secret.
The WaltonsS4, EP17 "The Fox"Despite his battle tales, Grandpa resists efforts to reunite him with his Spanish-American War comrades. Directed by Richard Thomas.
The WaltonsS4, EP18 "The Burn Out"John-Boy struggles with guilt after fire destroys part of the Walton home and the family becomes temporarily separated.
The WaltonsS4, EP18 "The Burn Out"John-Boy works to rewrite his lost novel, and the Walton children learn lessons about themselves away from home.
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