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Flour PowerS2, EP6 "Summer"Jessica whips up some sweet treats for a summer pool party or just being outdoors.
Flour PowerS2, EP7 "Spring"Jessica bakes desserts inspired by the colors and flavors of spring.
Flour PowerS2, EP8 "Fall"Jessica prepares some treats using autumn-inspired ingredients.
Flour PowerS2, EP9 "Winter"Jessica makes some winter treats, including a Gingerbread chalet.
Flour PowerS2, EP11 "Paris"Jessica makes classic French desserts.
Flour PowerS2, EP10 "Country Fair"Jessica makes fair-inspired desserts, including classic funnel cake.
Flour PowerS2, EP13 "Sweet & Salty"Jessica creates her favourite sweet and salty treats.
Flour PowerS2, EP12 "Rainbow Galaxy Party"Jessica bakes delicious desserts with a galaxy-inspired twist.
Bonacini's ItalyS1, EP11 "Umbria"Michael makes simple, flavorful dishes from the rustic Italian region, Umbria.
The Latin KitchenS1, EP1 "Chilies, Chilies, Chilies!"Bring the heat to the kitchen with Chef Luis Valenzuela as he shares the diversity of chilies in four different recipes.
The Latin KitchenS1, EP14 "Dinner, Venezuelan Style"Host Juan Pablo Gonzalez shows how to impress dinner guests with a mouth-watering Venezuelan four-course meal.
Feed My Soul, VS1, EP3 "Brunch for a Bunch"
One World KitchenS2, EP14 "Corn: Argentina's Favorite Ingredient"Corn is a big staple ingredient in Argentinian cuisine, and chef Natalia Machado makes tamales, corn and squash and chorizo stew, chicken in a creamy corn sauce, and then creamy corn pudding for dessert.
Fresh Market DinnersS1, EP7 "Honeycomb, Shallots & Iceberg Lettuce"Amanda transforms fresh market ingredients into two dishes, including a one pot lamb curry with honeycomb.
Fresh Market DinnersS1, EP8 "Patty Pan Summer Squash & Cabbage"Host Amanda Herrera grills up two dinner recipes using patty pan summer squash and cabbage that she picked up from the market.
Eva's BS1, EP4 "B is for Boards"
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