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WestboundA former Union officer, John Hayes (Randolph Scott) now manages a stagecoach company. However, Clay Putnam (Andrew Duggan), a businessman still loyal to the South, is intent on robbing the coaches operated by Hayes, which transport gold to the North from California. Hoping to heist the treasure as a way to revive the Confederacy, Putnam also has a grudge against Hayes, since his wife, Norma (Virginia Mayo), was once involved with the handsome Union soldier.
Ride the High CountryReduced to transporting gold from a distant mine to a small-town bank, retired lawman Steve Judd (Joel McCrea) recruits friend Gil Westrum (Randolph Scott), who has been performing in a traveling carnival. Unknown to Steve, the restless Gil and a young drifter intend to steal the next gold transport. On the way, the men help Elsa Knudsen (Mariette Hartley) to break free from her zealot father and join her fiance at the mine, not realizing the consequences that await them all.
Tall Man RidingA few years ago, Larry Madden (Randolph Scott) left his fiancée, Corinna (Dorothy Malone), after a run-in with her father, the wealthy land owner Tucker Ordway (Robert Barrat). After saving a man (William Ching) from a vicious attack, Larry learns hen is actually Corinna's new husband, and that some of the locals are preparing to challenge Tucker's land ownership. When Larry decides to ride back into town and make a claim himself, he encounters a few unexpected obstacles.
The DesperadoesSheriff Steve Upton (Randolph Scott) is a devoted lawman who works tirelessly to keep order in his small town, nestled within the Utah territory. So, when Cheyenne Rogers (Glenn Ford), an old friend with a criminal past, rolls into town, Upton is immediately on edge. Cheyenne assures his pal that all that's behind him now. But when the town bank is robbed, Cheyenne becomes the locals' number one suspect. He'll have to prove his innocence to save himself and his friend's reputation.
GunfightersIn Texas, gunfighter Brazos Kane (Randolph Scott) decides to lay down his guns for good and rides out to visit his best friend -- only to witness his murder. When Brazos takes the body to the nearby ranch of the powerful Banner (Griff Barnett), the rancher accuses him of the murder. Brazos leaves Banner's daughter, Bess (Barbara Britton), a vital piece of evidence in the crime, and then must evade Banner and a crooked sheriff as he reluctantly takes up arms to prove his innocence.
Thunder Over the PlainsIt's the late 1860s, and the U.S. government has yet to reclaim Texas as a state. A group of opportunistic and amoral Northerners head south to claim the territory as their own. Though Texas lawman Capt. Porter (Randolph Scott) believes it's his duty to honor the local leaders, he can't ignore the corruption of the Yankee politicians who are giving him orders. When Confederate veteren Ben (Charles McGraw) is unjustly sentenced to death, Porter decides he has had enough of his new bosses.
Colt .45While gun purveyor Steve Farrell (Randolph Scott) shows off the latest revolver innovation, a Colt .45 repeating handgun, to Sheriff Harris (Alan Hale), outlaw prisoner Jason Brett (Zachary Scott) grabs a pair and hightails it out of town -- and the sheriff jails Farrell as a likely partner in crime. But during Farrell's incarceration, Brett goes on an unstoppable rampage. Farrell is released, and must stop the outlaw with the assistance of Walking Bear (Chief Thundercloud) and the Colt .45.
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Zane Grey TheaterS1, EP24 "Fugitive"A trick of fate separates a man from everything he values.
Zane Grey TheaterS1, EP25 "A Time to Live"A saloon girl helps a vengeful man planning murder.
Death Valley DaysS8, EP4 "Sam Kee and Uncle Sam"A Chinese man prevents the desertion of an Army garrison.
Death Valley DaysS8, EP5 "The Grand Duke"Though he protests at first, Buffalo Bill forms a bond with his charge when he's assigned to guide Russian Grand Duke Alexis on a tour of the West.
The TexanS1, EP28 "Caballero"Longley and Acosta travel to San Thomas to bid on a shipment of rifles and ammunition; they're outbid by a beautiful blonde woman working for a notorious gun runner; Longley and Acosta must now prevent the gunrunner's plans to arm the Apaches.
The TexanS1, EP29 "Blood Money"Longley stumbles across a cabin and its dead owner; the dead man's brothers believe Longley to be the killer and are preparing to string him up when he's rescued by a stranger.
Tales of Wells FargoS3, EP8 "A Matter of Honor"Jim heads to the town of Medicine River to open a new office, where he's greeted by an employee who is the son of a Cheyenne chief Jim knew years earlier.
Tales of Wells FargoS3, EP9 "The Most Dangerous Man Alive"Hardie's attempt to help a stranded man goes awry when he realizes that man has a $25,000 bounty on him.
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