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Perry MasonS4, EP19 "The Case of the Blind Man's Bluff"A man (Jack Ging) is accused of pushing another out a penthouse window and fencing stolen jewels; guest Sidney Clute.
Perry MasonS4, EP20 "The Case of the Barefaced Witness"An embezzler's return to his hometown jeopardizes one of Paul Drake's former clients; guest Adam West.
Perry MasonS4, EP21 "The Case of the Difficult Detour"A bankrupt road builder is charged with murdering the man responsible for his financial woes; guest Jason Evers.
Perry MasonS4, EP22 "The Case of the Cowardly Lion"A baby gorilla is kidnapped while a murder victim is left to be mauled in a lion's cage.
Perry MasonS4, EP23 "The Case of the Torrid Tapestry"A museum worker jailed for burning art returns to confront the man who framed him, and is accused of his murder.
Perry MasonS4, EP24 "The Case of the Violent Vest"A model is accused of slaying an advertising man who has been pursuing her affections against her will.
Perry MasonS4, EP25 "The Case of the Misguided Missile"An Air Force officer is court-martialed on a murder charge; guests Simon Oakland, Richard Arlen.
ColumboS7, EP1 "Try & Catch Me"A mystery writer uses her plot as a guide to murder her nephew , whom she blames for her niece's death.
Perry MasonS4, EP12 "The Case of the Larcenous Lady"A secretary is framed in a blackmail plot, then accused of the death of her employer's wife; guests Louise Fletcher, Robert Brown.
Perry MasonS4, EP13 "The Case of the Envious Editor"A respected magazine editor's wife is accused of slaying her husband's ruthless publisher; guest James Coburn.
Perry MasonS4, EP14 "The Case of the Resolute Performer"Bribery, blackmail and murder develop from a citizens' fight against a proposed construction project.
Perry MasonS4, EP15 "The Case of the Fickle Fortune"A civil servant robbed of $153,000 is caught at a murder scene where part of the missing money is found; guest Liam Sullivan.
Perry MasonS4, EP16 "The Case of the Waylaid Wolf"A secretary is lured by her boss' son to a lonely beach house, where he is found knifed to death after she flees his advances.
Perry MasonS4, EP17 "The Case of the Wintry Wife"A vindictive woman is found slain after she plotted to destroy her husband's underwater sounding device.
Perry MasonS4, EP18 "The Case of the Angry Dead Man"A man who staged his death so his wife could collect insurance returns to save her from a swindler, then is actually killed.
ColumboS6, EP2 "Old-Fashioned Murder"The curator (Joyce Van Patten) of a strapped family-owned museum stages a robbery, for insurance, then murders to hide her crime; guests Celeste Holm, Tim O'Connor.
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