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Wagon TrainS5, EP21 "The Daniel Clay Story"A judge notorious for going strictly by the book in his effort to bring order to the frontier faces the ultimate test when his son finds himself in court.
Men From ShilohS4, EP12 "The Laramie Road"Enforcing the law may force Ryker to shoot at his friends who have formed a lynch mob; guests Leslie Nielsen, Harold J. Stone, Claude Akins.
Men From ShilohS4, EP13 "The Horse Fighter"A veteran cowboy (Harry Guardino) finds planning a payroll robbery at Shiloh difficult when he forms a friendship with Randy and a wild stallion brings back his pride at being a top bronc buster.
Men From ShilohS4, EP14 "Letter of the Law"A railroad detective (Simon Oakland) hounds a former train-robbery suspect (James Best), refusing to believe in the man's innocence even though he was cleared in court; guests Ron Soble, David McLean.
Men From ShilohS4, EP15 "Blaze of Glory"A rancher (Leif Erickson) facing forclosure trades shelter and medical help for an injured thief's loot; guests Joan Freeman, Karl Swenson.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP6 "The Boss Can Build"Andre the GM and master salesman must go to Ontario, Canada, and lead his first build in years while Beat has to collaborate in carving a hairy friend.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP10 "High Rollers"Just hours from Manhattan, Beat creates a country retreat for a demanding French financier, while Joel's Australian client makes a last-minute request for a three-car garage.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP3 "Hard Hat and Home"Beat delivers a home to a headstrong client in Utah who wants to do everything for himself while Andre covets a magazine cover story.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP5 "The Getaway"As winter approaches, the rush to build two summer getaway homes is on; Peter leads his team in Alberta while Bryan Jr. and his guys head north to Alaska.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP13 "Out on a Limb"In Northern British Columbia, a challenging modern log home has Beat and his crew risking life and limb; Joel and Bryan Sr. take a chance on hiring an eccentric perfectionist to carve a life-size statue on a tight deadline.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP7 "Barn Burner"After Beat and Sam build a beautiful home in Alberta, the clients egg them on to a paint ball battle on their acreage; Peter rebuilds a massive barn for an old friend, but first he gets to demolish it.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP4 "Pig In Mud"In the Prairies, Peter gets stuck in the mud, trying to make a client's dreams come true; Beat helps Sam with his biggest build ever, but a reckless rookie crane operator threatens to bring the whole project down.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP1 "Truck Overboard"Joel's build becomes threatened when one of his 18-wheelers wrecks; Beat and André sell a 1,000- year-old tree to an eccentric Arkansas businessman.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP2 "Wilderness Retreat"Joel builds an enormous house in the wilderness for a client he's never met; Bryan Sr. promises to create amazing log furniture in only one day and Beat must deliver.
Log Cabin KingsS1, EP8 "Jolly Ole Island"Joel assembles a millionaire's retreat on a beautiful private island in England; Beat gets an emotional assignment.
BonanzaS2, EP8 "The Abduction"Hoss and Little Joe spend a most unforgettable night at the carnival when Little Joe's date disappears.
BonanzaS2, EP9 "Breed of Violence"A sheriff's daughter runs off with her boyfriend (John Ericson), unaware he is a murderous bank robber.
BonanzaS2, EP10 "The Last Viking"Ben gives farmland on the Ponderosa to an outcast Indian (Ricardo Montalban) who saved his life; guest Madlyn Rhue.
Wagon TrainS5, EP22 "The Lieutenant Burton Story"A sergeant looking to kill two deserters drags a fresh young lieutenant along on his vendetta and mistakes Chris for one of his targets.
Wagon TrainS5, EP23 "The Charley Shutup Story"Chris and Duke try to rush a group to California despite inclement weather; Duke injures his foot, forcing him off the trail and into a cabin to heal up.
Wagon TrainS5, EP24 "The Amos Billings Story"While on a scouting mission, Flint is stopped by a scavenger who tries to detour the wagon train into the path of a hidden cannon by saying that he has blasted a road through a dead end canyon that will save the train two weeks.
Wagon TrainS5, EP25 "The Baylor Crowfoot Story"A teacher traveling with the wagon train encounters conflict when he become attracted to the daughter of a preacher who has just joined the train.
Men From ShilohS4, EP16 "Nobody Said Hello"An ex-Confederate officer (James Whitmore), imprisoned for 20 years for mistreating prisoners, arrives in Medicine Bow and fans the hatred of one of his former victims (Peter Whitney).
Men From ShilohS4, EP17 "Men With Guns"Trampas tries to lead immigrants to fight a rich landlord (Telly Savalas) forcing them from their prosperous community; guests Robert F. Simon, Buck Taylor.
Men From ShilohS4, EP18 "Long Ride to Wind River"The Virginian seeks the man (John Cassavetes) who could clear a condemned man of murder; guests Pilar Seurat, Michael Burns, Dub Taylor, Carlos Rivas.
Men From ShilohS4, EP19 "Chaff in the Wind"The head (Ed Begley) of a family of drifters urges his cardsharp son (Tony Bill) and saloon-girl daughter to pose as respectable citizens while at Shiloh Ranch; guest Lonny Chapman.
Going RVS1, EP9 "Fifth-Wheel for Five"The search for a larger Fifth-Wheel for a growing family.
Going RVS1, EP10 "Weekend Warriors"Cesareo and Janette Razo with their two children from Las Vegas upgrade to a fancy Fifth-Wheel from a small travel trailer.
Going RVS1, EP11 "RV for Family Memories"A family of five needs a bigger trailer.
Going RVS1, EP12 "Energy Efficient Expedition"A newer RV for Jason and Kristin.
Going RVS1, EP13 "Camper for Two"Eric and Danielle upgrade to a larger fifth-wheel RV to fulfill all of their wants and needs while living on the road full-time.
Going RVS1, EP14 "Modern Mobile Home"Lauri and Jason want to sell their house and get a new permanent home on wheels to travel around America.
Going RVS2, EP12 "Family Wants Simpler Life on the Road"The Greenes need the perfect RV to travel with their two sons on the road exploring the country for a new life experience.
Going RVS2, EP11 "Family Needs RV With Bigger and Better Kitchen for Allergy-Friendly Vacations"The Bragas, a family with two growing daughters and a necessity to work from the road, decide to upgrade to a new RV.
Going RVS2, EP7 "Family Looking for Third RV With More Space"The Kilroys look for a bigger RV to travel with upgraded features but struggle to agree on options together.
Going RVS2, EP5 "Young Couple Chooses Life on the Road Instead of Settling Down"Adventure seekers purchase an RV instead of a house to travel the country at the beginning of their marriage.
Going RVS2, EP1 "Young, Full-Time RVers Need Updates Coach for Cross-Country Travel"Newlyweds visit all 50 states in an RV but need an upgrade to a Class-A that fits their full-time lifestyle.
Going RVS2, EP2 "Family Considers Favorite Features for First RV"The Whippo family purchases an RV to vacation on the go.
Going RVS2, EP3 "Family Ready to Trade Tent for Travel Trailer"The Sherif family looks for an upgrade with their first RV to enjoy nature more comfortably with their daughter.
Going RVS2, EP10 "Large Family Seeks New Vacation Style With RV"A family of six goes shopping for an RV with some of the greatest features so they can travel together on vacation.
Going RVS2, EP9 "Spacious RV Needed for Family and Their Motorcycles"A family of five with motorcycles looks for an RV for their trips that has all of the features and space they need.
Going RVS2, EP4 "Couple Wants RV to Upgrade Camping Style"Newlyweds buy an RV to go from camping to "glamping" while taking their style and budget into consideration.
Going RVS2, EP13 "Family Must Decide Between RV Wish-List and Budget"Walter and Jessica go RV shopping for a Class-A with all of the features they wish for on a conflicting budget.
Going RVS2, EP8 "Father and Son Want RV for Travels Together"A father-son duo that loves adventure and camping together search for an upgraded RV for their travels.
Going RVS2, EP6 "Family Needs RV for Year of Cross-Country Travel"The Ackermans search for a Class-A RV to serve as a home on wheels to travel the country with their two children.
Going RVS2, EP14 "Young Couple Decides No Time Like the Present to Hit the Road"A young couple searches for their perfect Class-A motor home with enough space and technology for them to work remotely.
BonanzaS2, EP11 "The Trail Gang"An outlaw joins the Cartwrights' cattle drive, knowing it will take him to the town where his father is sheriff.
BonanzaS2, EP12 "The Savage"Attacked by Shoshones while crossing a burial ground, Adam discovers that the "Indian" woman tending him is white.
BonanzaS2, EP13 "Silent Thunder"Little Joe runs into romantic complications when he tries to teach a deaf girl (Stella Stevens) sign language; guest Albert Salmi.
BonanzaS2, EP4 "The Mill"A hired hand (Claude Akins) victimizes the Cartwrights' disabled neighbor (Harry Townes).
Wagon TrainS5, EP13 "Clyde"Charlie adopts a buffalo after tending to its injuries and forming a bond with it.
Wagon TrainS5, EP14 "The Martin Onyx Story"A man finds a corpse that looks remarkably like himself; he takes on the persona of the dead man only to find he was a living legend of west and had made a lot of enemies along the way.
Wagon TrainS5, EP15 "The Dick Pederson Story"When a young man is found wounded along the trail, he claims that he was attacked and left for dead.
Wagon TrainS5, EP16 "The Hobie Redman Story"Duke is sent to guide back three wagons that fell behind the train, when he finds them however, he encounters resistance from three men with them.
Men From ShilohS4, EP8 "Nobility of Kings"Striving to overcome failures, a rancher (Charles Bronson) obsessively drives to build a cattle empire; guests Lois Nettleton, George Kennedy.
Men From ShilohS4, EP9 "Show Me a Hero"Easterners planning to convert a ghost to a railroad center meet outlaws hired to ensure it becomes a gambling mecca; guests Sherry Jackson, Leonard Nimoy.
Men From ShilohS4, EP10 "Beyond the Border"A lonely saloon girl (Joan Staley) risks her outlaw boyfriend's (Michael Forest) wrath when she tends the Virginian, who has fallen seriously ill during a trip through Mexico.
Men From ShilohS4, EP11 "The Dream of Stavros Karas"A Greek widower (Michael Constantine) sends to his homeland for a woman to marry, and a 19-year-old (Louise Sorel) arrives.
The Lone RangerS1, EP9 "The Tenderfeet"Two greenhorns from the East are blamed for murder and claim jumping.
The Lone RangerS1, EP10 "High Heels"The Lone Ranger teaches an important lesson to a man who's sensitive about his short stature.
The Lone RangerS1, EP11 "Six-Gun's Legacy"Tonto and the Lone Ranger reveal an imposter's true identity.
The Lone RangerS1, EP12 "Return of the Convict"A bitter man returns home after finishing a prison sentence for a crime he didn't commit.
The Lone RangerS1, EP13 "Finders Keepers"The Lone Ranger risks his life for a man framed into robbing a bank.
The Lone RangerS1, EP14 "The Masked Rider"A disguised outlaw, calling himself the Lone Ranger, commits murder.
The Lone RangerS1, EP15 "Old Joe's Sister"Thieves hungry for money throw a wealthy man over a cliff.
The Lone RangerS1, EP16 "Cannonball McKay"A stagecoach driver seeks the Lone Ranger's help when her assistant is framed for a robbery.
The Lone RangerS5, EP22 "A Message From Abe"A reformed outlaw becomes concerned when financial problems prevent him from adequately caring for his sick wife.
The Lone RangerS1, EP1 "Enter, the Lone Ranger"A co-worker of outlaw Butch Cavendish leads six Texas Rangers into an ambush.
The Lone RangerS1, EP2 "The Lone Ranger Fights On"Tonto and the masked man catch up with Cavendish and his gang.
The Lone RangerS1, EP3 "The Lone Ranger's Triumph"The Lone Ranger and Tonto capture the Cavendish gang.
The Lone RangerS1, EP4 "Legion of Old Timers"Schemers want to take over a young Easterner's inherited property.
The Lone RangerS1, EP5 "Rustler's Hideout"Outlaws demand their leader's release in return for a boy's life.
The Lone RangerS1, EP6 "War Horse"Madrigo captures Chief Lame Bear's horse and his son.
The Lone RangerS1, EP7 "Pete and Pedro"A ruthless man plans to gain control over a young woman's property.
The Lone RangerS1, EP8 "The Renegades"Army deserters plan to kill Tonto and Chief Swift Eagle.
The Lone RangerS1, EP9 "The Tenderfeet"Two greenhorns from the East are blamed for murder and claim jumping.
The Lone RangerS1, EP10 "High Heels"The Lone Ranger teaches an important lesson to a man who's sensitive about his short stature.
The Lone RangerS1, EP11 "Six-Gun's Legacy"Tonto and the Lone Ranger reveal an imposter's true identity.
BonanzaS2, EP5 "The Hopefuls"Outlaws plot to steal a trunk containing the savings of a religious group heading for a new life in the West.
BonanzaS2, EP6 "Denver McKee"The Cartwrights' neighbor (Franchot Tone), a former soldier and lawman, seeks security for his daughter.
BonanzaS2, EP7 "Day of Reckoning"Hoss' bandit uncle (Neville Brand) decides to bypass the Ponderosa, but his gang disagrees.
Wagon TrainS5, EP17 "The Malachi Hobart Story"In an effort to expose a swindler posing as a traveling preacher, Duke allows himself to be talked into one of his schemes.
Wagon TrainS5, EP18 "The Dr. Denker Story"After Bill comes across a boy who watched his dad die in a seemingly random attack, he meets a doctor transporting musical instruments to California.
Wagon TrainS5, EP20 "The Jeff Hartfield Story"Jeff Hartfield fears his sister's new boyfriend, Dallas, a threatening man who believes Jeff knows the whereabouts of a hidden stash of money.
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