FUEL TV is the only channel dedicated 24/7 to the core action sports of Skateboarding, Surfing, BMX, Snow, Mountain Bike, Wakeboard and all the lifestyle that surrounds them, where Music, Art and Fashion play a decisive role.
The Dometic Outdoor Challenge with Owen WrightS1, EP1 "The Dometic Outdoor Challenge with Owen Wright"
The Dometic Outdoor Challenge with Owen WrightS1, EP3 "The Dometic Outdoor Challenge with Owen Wright"
Catch Up WithS2, EP14 "Leo Fioravanti"Leonardo Fioravanti is the first ever surfer from Italy to make it into the WSL World Tour; Leo talks about his origins, growing up under Kelly Slater's guidance, what European surfers need to triumph at global level, and much more.
Drive Thru South Central AmericaEP2 "Arrival in Chile"The surf crew arrives in Chile.
Drive Thru EuropeEP6 "France"The guys take a 10-hour drive to France to perfect beach breaks and to pick up Rizal.
Highlights Trans Madeira Summer 2023"Highlights Trans Madeira Summer 2023"A long week riding bikes all around Madeira island.
Catch Up WithS1, EP3 "Adolf Silva"We talk to MTB rider Adolf Silva, a promising talent in the modality.
Bubba's World"The Tourist"James Stewart tries to recapture childhood moments.
The Adventures of Danny & the DingoS2, EP1 "Dirty Jersey"The crew surfs in New Jersey; Danny plays ping-pong with his dad.
The Adventures of Danny & the DingoS5, EP7 "Grenade Games Dubai"Not even the desert can prevent the gang from snowboarding. Despite Dingo's debatable promotion, the first-ever Grenade Games Dubai has a big turn out.
Woodward Peace Park 2019S1, EP1 "Woodward Peace Park 2019"Danny Davis and crew go to Woodward Tahoe to host the 2019 Woodward Peace Park Championships.
Snowchef USAS1, EP12 "We Tried Park City Food and It Was?"Chef John and Foodie JD visit Park City, a destination known for outdoor adventure.
Do Rad Stuff: My Bikini Trip with the Rip Curl Women's TeamDo Rad Stuff is a fun trip from Rip Curl's women's team through Bali. The surfers show us where we can catch amazing waves in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.
FirsthandEP8 "Owen Wright"Rookie Owen Wright prepares for the first event on the tour.
Drive Thru Europe"Drive Thru Europe"A crew embarks on a two week trip.
Drive Thru South AfricaEP5 "The South Coast"The crew makes a drive down to the South Coast.
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