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black-ishS1, EP14 "Andre From Marseille"Dre takes an instant dislike to Zoey's first serious boyfriend, a worldly teen from France -- who is also named Andre.
black-ishS1, EP15 "The Dozens"Dre teaches Andre Jr. how to trash-talk a school bully; Diane's fear of the dark leaves Bow struggling with sleep deprivation.
black-ishS1, EP16 "Parental Guidance"Dre tries to arrange an amazing vow renewal for his and Bow's 15th anniversary, but unannounced visitors cause complications.
black-ishS1, EP17 "30 Something"Dre worries about getting older when he injures himself playing basketball before his 40th birthday; Ruby and Bow compete to see who can get Dre the best gift.
The 700 ClubEP60 "The 700 Club"Sarah and Tony were set to get their two adoptive children from Ukraine just as Russia was invading. They reveal their harrowing account to bring those children safely home to America.
700 Club Interactive"700 Club Interactive"Highlighting current events and stories that will help bring encouragment to people.
The Karate KidWhen his mother's career results in a move to China, 12-year-old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) finds that he is a stranger in a strange land. Though he knows a little karate, his fighting skills are no match for Cheng, the school bully. Dre finds a friend in Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), a maintenance man who is also a martial-arts master. Mr. Han teaches Dre all about kung fu in the hope that Dre will be able to face down Cheng and perhaps win the heart of a pretty classmate named Mei Ying.
Family GuyS14, EP9 "A Shot in the Dark"While participating in a newly formed neighborhood watch group, Peter is arrested and charged with a hate crime.
The BossWealthy CEO Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) always gets her way, until she's busted for insider trading and sent to federal prison. After leaving jail, Darnell finds herself broke, homeless and hated. Luckily, she tracks down former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell), the only person who's willing to help. While staying with Claire and her young daughter, the ex-con devises a new business model for a brownie empire. Unfortunately, some old enemies stand in the way of her return to the top.
The HeatFBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a methodical investigator with a long-standing reputation for excellence -- and arrogance. In contrast, foul-mouthed, hot-tempered detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) goes with her gut instincts and street smarts to remove criminals from the streets of Boston. Sparks fly when these polar opposites have to work together to capture a drug lord, but in the process, they become the last thing anyone expected -- buddies.
700 Club Interactive"700 Club Interactive"Highlighting current events and stories that will help bring encouragment to people.
black-ishS1, EP10 "Black Santa/White Christmas"Dre endeavors to take over the role of office Santa from the head of human resources; Bow gets sick of competing with Ruby over who cooks Christmas Eve dinner.
black-ishS1, EP11 "Law of Attraction"Dre worries Rainbow is questioning his manliness, so Pops tries to help his son save face.
black-ishS1, EP12 "Martin Luther Skiing Day"While on the way to the family's annual Martin Luther King Day ski trip, Dre decides to teach his children about the significance of the man who inspired the holiday.
black-ishS1, EP13 "Big Night, Big Fight"Dre is determined to keep the peace on Valentine's Day; Diane's siblings try to teach Diane how to give a compliment.
The 700 ClubEP59 "The 700 Club"Shanea never expected that dabbling in New Age and the occult would put her in the hospital and destroy her mental health. She reveals how prayer and the power of Christ restored her.
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