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Serial TestersS1, EP1Exploring if lice are invincible.
Keasha's Perfect DressS1, EP7 "Anna, Serena & Jenny"Russian bride Anna and her mother look for the perfect dress; Serena has a big budget and a big secret; Jenny needs a dress that matches her cowboy boots.
MonsunoS1, EP8 "Appleseeds"A sniper plants a bug on Beyal while the group follows Dax to some ancient ruins in search of Jeredy.
Wizards vs AliensS2, EP9 "The Thirteenth Floor"Tom Clarke faces his greatest challenge yet when a mysterious elevator takes him to Floor 13, a destination far beyond this world.
Radio ActiveEP14 "Love Bets"When Kevin wagers he can win Morgan's heart, his bet backfires.
Fries With That?S1, EP4 "The Expendables"Ben does an efficiency test to determine which employee should be fired.
Fries With That?S1, EP3 "Metal Mouth"Robyn get braces just before a cute guy is about to ask her out.
BrainwavesS1, EP1Discovering Sir James Dyson, the man behind the Dyson multinational technology company.
Find It, Fix It, Drive ItS1, EP8 "Find It, Fix It, Drive It"Restorers Henry and Sam find a real rarity -- a 1960s American Centaur bike, which folds away into a suitcase.
Keasha's Perfect DressS1, EP6 "Cynthia, Diana & Sylvia"Sylvia is looking for a hot, sexy dress; Diana is having trouble picking just one dress; Cynthia wants a dress fit for a Japanese princess.
MonsunoS1, EP5 "Knowledge"After being captured by the evil Bookman, Chase, Bren and Jinja must team up with a monk in order to escape.
Wizards vs AliensS2, EP6 "Cave of Menla-Gto"Tom fights for his life in the Cave of Healing; left alone, Benny and Moon must become friends long enough to defeat the Nekross.
Radio ActiveEP13 "Payola Payback"George and Tanya's manager bribes Kevin to play their song over and over, until the school riots.
The Adventures of Swiss Family RobinsonS1 "Star-Crossed Lovers"David fears Ben and Joanna are growing too close; Elizabeth gives birth.
Bingo & Molly"Fun Either Way"Duck turns every event into a competition.
Did You Know?S1, EP18 "Our Amazing Bodies"For human bodies to operate as effectively as they do, they possess critical reactive warning signals like pain to aid in survival; the consumption of certain foods can cause the body to react.
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