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The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesS1, EP1 "The Case of the Cunningham Heritage"A woman is accused of killing her fiance.
The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesS1, EP2 "The Case of Lady Beryl"A woman confesses to a murder she didn't commit.
DragnetS3, EP19 "The Big Trunk"A woman is found murdered in her apartment and the only clue is a trunk that she never opened.
DragnetS4, EP8 "The Big Bar"Friday hunts for a holdup man who is targeting bars and killing some of his victims.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP17 "Jed's Dilemma"Trying to cool a feud between Granny and Pearl, Jed takes his family on a sightseeing tour of Beverly Hills.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP18 "Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage"Drysdale's marriage is threatened when he looks to the Clampetts for a housekeeper while his wife is away.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP19 "Elly's Animals"Police and Elly's animals converge on the Clampett estate when Pearl starts giving yodeling lessons.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP20 "Jed Throws a Wingding"Two of Cousin Pearl's most ardent former suitors come to visit her in Beverly Hills.
BonanzaS2, EP6 "Denver McKee"The Cartwrights' neighbor (Franchot Tone), a former soldier and lawman, seeks security for his daughter.
BonanzaS2, EP7 "Day of Reckoning"Hoss' bandit uncle (Neville Brand) decides to bypass the Ponderosa, but his gang disagrees.
BonanzaS2, EP8 "The Abduction"Hoss and Little Joe spend a most unforgettable night at the carnival when Little Joe's date disappears.
Romance in the OutfieldHeather (Lauryn Kent), a pretty softball player, tends to strike out with guys until she meets Tyler (Derek Boone), a baseball player who has not been kissed.
Sue Thomas F.B.EyeS2, EP19 "The Kiss"Jack and Sue go under cover in a law firm.
The Mighty MacsIn 1971, Immaculata College finds a new coach, Cathy Rush (Carla Gugino), to head its women's basketball team. Right from the start, Cathy faces an uphill battle at the tiny, all-women's school -- with little support from Mother St. John (Ellen Burstyn). There's no gymnasium on campus, no uniforms, and there might not even be enough players to field a team. With help from a spunky assistant and a booster club of elderly nuns, Cathy sets out to achieve the impossible.
Sue Thomas F.B.EyeS2, EP17 "Hit and Run"A man is suspected of gunning down his co-workers.
Sue Thomas F.B.EyeS2, EP18 "Concrete Evidence"The team works to convict a man who served five years in prison for killing an FBI agent.
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