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Bakery BossS1, EP3 "Kristi G's Cupcakes & More"Kristi quit her corporate job in Texas to open a cupcake shop; Buddy tries to solve the bakery's issues.
Ultimate Cake OffS2, EP6 "Vintage Hollywood Wedding"Three decorators battle to create a cake for a vintage Hollywood themed wedding.
Kitchen CrashersS8, EP12 "Spanish Eclectic Kitchen"Alison renovates Fred and Dani's kitchen which has mismatched appliances, dated cabinets and fluorescent lights; she makes it mesh with the rest of their Spanish-style home, removes the cabinetry and opens it up to allow for an island with stools.
Kitchen CrashersS8, EP6 "Inspired by Nature"Alison draws inspiration from nature with an earth-tone palette, a mosaic-stone backsplash, granite countertops, a waterfall island, and hardwood floors; Alison also builds a dog food bin from reclaimed hardwood and adds a tree design to a wall.
How Do Animals Do That?S1, EP4 "Puppy Dog Tails and Crocodile Jaws"What a dog's tail wag means; the cleverness of cockatoos; zebras' black and white stripes; the secret behind a crocodile's powerful jaws; how chameleons change color.
How Do Animals Do That?S1, EP5 "Psychic Cats And Fuzzy Otters"How cats detect earthquakes; how owls hunt in total darkness; how cheetahs accelerate more quickly than a car; how sea otters keep warm in icy waters; how ants heal their wounded.
The Adventures of Chuck & FriendsS2, EP8 "Commercial Trucks; Rowdy and the Rock Star"Chuck and his friends get asked to help shoot a commercial; Rowdy tries to change himself into someone cooler to impress his favorite singer, Kurt Camshaft.
The Adventures of Chuck & FriendsS2, EP9 "Prince Chuck; The Dirt on Chuck"Prince Piston and Chuck swap places for the day; Chuck and Soku get stinky so they can use the truck wash.
Bakery BossS1, EP6 "Lidia's Bakeshop & Cafe"Lidia's mother gave her the resources to open her own bakery; Buddy tries to mend the family and give Lidia the knowledge she needs to succeed.
Ultimate Cake OffS2, EP4 "Really Sweet 16"Three cake decorators battle to create the cake for a river boat-themed Sweet Sixteen party.
Kitchen CrashersS8, EP13 "60's Retro Party Kitchen"A worn-out kitchen from the 60's is updated into a mid-century modern space using a custom banquette area, nesting suitcase tables, and a unique gold record stool.
Kitchen CrashersS8, EP7 "Rich Wood Kitchen"Alison and the crew renovate a large kitchen with hand-scraped flooring and dark wood cabinets; Alison and the homeowners team up to create custom elements such as a kitchen island, a banquet bench with a waterfall edge, and wine storage.
How Do Animals Do That?S1, EP35 "Puppy Dog Eyes and Weird Platypus"Animal secrets are revealed including how dogs get people to do what they want, what superpower is hiding inside the bill of a platypus and how one fish is blowing scientists away with its brainpower.
How Do Animals Do That?"Fast Biters And Fish Snipers"Birds reveal how they've conquered the concrete jungle; ants demonstrate how they can bite 10,000 times faster than humans can blink; one fish shows how it turns water into a weapon.
Baby Looney TunesS1, EP23 "Daffy Did It!; The Pig Who Cried Woof"Tweety feels guilty when he blames Daffy for a mistake he has made; Petunia gets into trouble when she continually fakes emergencies.
Baby Looney TunesS1, EP24 "New Cat in Town; The Magic of Spring"Sylvester becomes jealous of the attention that baby Pepe receives from the gang; Bugs tries to become a better magician.
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