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BBQ PitmastersS7, EP7 "Fowl Play"With the first-round battles completed, six pitmasters are still in the running for BBQ's ultimate prize.
BBQ PitmastersS7, EP9 "Hog Wild"Judges Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone and Big Moe Cason pull out all the stops with whole hogs and other surprises to test the two finalists.
BBQ PitmastersS1, EP1 "Smokin' in Mesquite"Teams head to the Nevada desert for the Smokin' in Mesquite BBQ competition with $40,000 in cash and prizes at stake.
BBQ PitmastersS1, EP3 "Decatur Jaycees Riverfest"Barbecue cooking skills, nerves and patience are tested during Alabama's state championship at the Decatur Riverfest.
BBQ PitmastersS1, EP2 "Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-off"Lee Ann and Myron face whole-hog competition, while tempers flare between Johnny and one of the local cooks at a cook-off in Murphysboro, Ill.
BBQ PitmastersS1, EP4 "American Royal Invitational Barbecue"Top teams compete in the American Royal Invitational in Kansas City, Mo.; Myron faces his biggest rival on the circuit; rookie Paul begs for help from a pro.
BBQ PitmastersS1, EP5 "American Royal Open Barbecue"Nearly 500 professional and amateur barbecue teams compete for more than $40,000 in prizes at the American Royal Open in Kansas City, Mo.
BBQ PitmastersS1, EP3 "Decatur Jaycees Riverfest"Barbecue cooking skills, nerves and patience are tested during Alabama's state championship at the Decatur Riverfest.
Flea Market FlipS13, EP10 "Shake Your Money Maker!"Two teams of professional flippers face off for $5,000; each team gets $500 and one hour to find three projects from their flip list, which includes Symmetrical Design, Metal Makeover and Shaker Chic.
Flea Market FlipS13, EP11 "Funky Junkers vs. Team Love"Husband-and-wife flippers dubbed "Team Love" face off against two friends who call themselves the "Funky Junkers;" each team gets $500 for flip-list projects including Sleek and Simple, Inspired By and Modern Moroccan.
Flea Market FlipS13, EP12 "This Flip Is Electrified!"Two designing ladies take on a team of creative metalworkers for $5,000; armed with $500, each team shops for three projects on their flip list including Heavy Rotation, Wabi-Sabi and Lara's Choice.
Flea Market FlipS13, EP13 "Flipping Neighbors"Two teams of designing neighbors have a showdown at the flea market for bragging rights and $5,000; each team gets $500 to find and flip three projects on their flip list, which includes: Mid-Century Remix, Sustainable Design and Unhinged.
Flea Market FlipS13, EP14 "How Far Can $100 Go?"A pair of designing dudes take on a pair of junk-loving ladies for the chance to win $5,000; each team gets a budget of only $100 plus a time limit of just one hour to find three projects, which they must transform from cheap to chic.
Flea Market FlipS5, EP1 "Flipping Happy Hour"Upcyclers compete against drinking buddies; Stormville Airport Flea Market and Antique Show in upstate New York; "Stripping Beauty"; a texture project; compact design.
Flea Market FlipS5, EP2 "Super Flippers to the Rescue"Stormville Airport Antique Show and Flea Market in Upstate, N.Y., "A Touch of Glass"; "Stealthy Storage"; "A Rescue Mission Project."
Flea Market FlipS5, EP3 "Penn State Pickers vs. F.I.T. Pickers"Two teams of college rivals get creative for three projects: "Rustic to Refined," "Wheels Up" and "Pattern Play."
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