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Laser MissionA scientist's (Ernest Borgnine) daughter (Debi Monahan) helps a CIA agent (Brandon Lee) find her father, kidnapped by the KGB to make a laser.
MollyA girl living alone in a post apocalyptic wasteland is hunted by marauders.
VixenA beautiful Chinese policewoman teams up with a roguish Interpol agent to battle terrorists who have taken over the world's tallest building.
Lake AliceThe Thomas' travel to their lakeside cabin in the woods for a joyous Christmas celebration with their daughter and her new boyfriend, but the joy is short-lived and the body count is high.
Silent Night, Bloody NightAn ax killer stalks a lawyer (Patrick O'Neal) and his girlfriend in a house that used to be an asylum.
22 BulletsA retired mobster goes on a revenge spree after his childhood friend shoots him many times.
WastelandA man (Luke Treadaway) tells a police inspector (Timothy Spall) how he and three pals carried out an elaborate plan to rob a nefarious drug lord.
A Company ManA faded pop star (Lee Miyun) gives a contract killer (So Ji-sub) a reason to want to quit the assassination business.
LavaDeborah, a lonely and disenfranchised tattoo artist, endeavors to save herself and her town from an alien invasion.
Highlander: The RavenS1, EP16 "The Frame"Amanda and Nick are accused of stealing a $20 million painting and meet up with another Immortal while trying to clear their names.
The Romeo SectionS1, EP1 "The China Shop"Professor Wolfgang McGee manages assets for the Romeo Section.
The Romeo SectionS1, EP2 "Repel Monkey"Wolfgang may have found a new recruit; an agent gets arrested overseas; Dee has a gift for Rufus.
ApocalypseTwo journalists (Toni Carey, Leigh Lewis) investigate the disappearance of millions of people after the Rapture.
The ElfAfter inheriting a toy shop, a man discovers a cursed elf doll sealed inside an ancient chest. He soon learns the doll is a conduit to supernatural evil, intended to unleash a killing spree upon his family.
The Last BoyA boy's dying mother sends him on a quest to find a place that grants wishes.
Hunting the KGB KillersThe story of Alexander Litvinenko's murder in London and the international manhunt that followed.
The Witch: Part 1 -- The SubversionA young woman unleashes her supernatural powers to exact revenge for a brutal massacre 10 years earlier.
AbandonedAfter a rogue wave capsizes a trimaran that is bound for Tonga, the crew drifts in the open sea.
Krampus: The ReckoningA strange child becomes friends with the dark companion of St. Nicholas.
Lady KrampusWhile finishing their community service, four young women encounter a seemingly pleasant old woman. They soon realize there is far more to her than meets the eye, and she harbors a sinister secret.
Final GirlVeronica, the new girl in town, is lured into the woods by a group of senior boys looking to make her a victim. But the boys don't know that Veronica's been trained to handle herself in surprisingly lethal ways.
Big LegendAn ex-soldier ventures into the forests of the Pacific Northwest to uncover the truth behind his fiance's disappearance.
Monster Seafood WarsMutated seafood runs amok on the streets of Tokyo.
Fantastic PlanetThis animated tale follows the relationship between the small human-like Oms and their much larger blue-skinned oppressors, the Draags, who rule the planet of Ygam. While the Draags have long kept Oms as illiterate pets, this hierarchy shifts after an Om boy becomes educated, thanks to a young female Draag. This leads to an Om rebellion, which weakens the Draag control over their race. Will the Oms and the Draags find a way to coexist? Or will they destroy each other?
Rasputin, the Mad MonkThe bearded Russian mystic (Christopher Lee) worms his way into Czar Nicholas II's court by seducing a lady-in-waiting (Barbara Shelley).
The Romeo SectionS1, EP3 "West Ocean Ghost"Wolfgang is interrogated about his trip; Wing Fan meets General Wu's unorthodox connection.
Chasing ConspiraciesS1, EP3 "The Vanished"Examining some of the most famous cases of disappearances that have gone on to spawn conspiracy theories to explain them, including John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, union leader Jimmy Hoffa and Robert Maxwell.
The Red HouseShelby and several of her friends travel to her house in the remote woods, and their fun is quickly interrupted with torture, madness and murder.
WraithA ghostly presence appears in an old mansion, attempting to communicate with its occupants.
ShowdownAn ex-policeman/school janitor (Billy Blanks) shows a new student (Kenn Scott) how to defend himself from a martial-arts whiz.
DefiantA young soldier is framed for the murder of the New World's sovereign leader.
EncounterA group of friends uncovers an otherworldly object in a field.
Alien Party CrashersA London DJ returns to his home in Wales to host a New Year's Eve party. When some time-traveling aliens descend on the party, he and his friends must protect their rural valley from the invaders.
Red ChristmasA widow and her bickering family gather at her remote estate on Christmas Eve. She must soon protect them all from a hideously deformed killer who's out for bloody revenge.
SpiritwalkerUnable to remember anything about his life, a man begins regaining consciousness in a new body every 12 hours. Now, he must piece together his identity, all while evading attacks from pursuing agents and dangerous criminals alike.
ContaminationA psychiatrist (Eric Roberts) turns his patients into lethal weapons.
The Queen of Hollywood Blvd.On the eve of her 60th birthday, Mary, the proud owner of a Los Angeles strip club, finds herself in hot water over a 25-year-old debt to the mob.
AtragonAn air/sea/land battleship captain (Tadao Takashima) rescues his daughter (Yoko Fujiyama) from the earthquaking undersea dwellers of Mu.
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's DaughterMaria Frankenstein (Narda Onyx) puts a monster's brain in the body of Jesse James' (John Lupton) sidekick (Cal Bolder).
Chasing ConspiraciesS1, EP2 "The Cold War Files"The head of Nazi Germany's intelligence operation against the Soviets, Reinhard Gehlen is invaluable to the West during the Cold War, but his intelligence may have fueled the arms race.
Chasing ConspiraciesS1, EP12 "The Nazi King"Investigating whether the British Royal Family kept their allegiance to Germany, whether Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathizer, and if his brother tried to negotiate peace with Germany.
The Jurassic GamesIn the near future, 10 death row convicts are forced to compete in a virtual reality game that pits them against dinosaurs and each other.
Night WatchEllen Wheeler (Elizabeth Taylor) is an unhappy housewife who settles her fraying nerves with alcohol while staring out her window. When she witnesses what she thinks is a murder through a neighbor's window, she calls the police, who find nothing when they investigate. With her neglectful husband (Laurence Harvey) skeptical and unsupportive, Ellen turns to her friend Sarah (Billie Whitelaw), who is slightly more receptive as the pair attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery.
From Other WorldsDepressed Brooklyn housewife Joanne (Cara Buono) meets Abraham (Isaach De Bankolé), and they discover they have the same branding mark on their bodies and have both had an encounter with an alien force.
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