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Cold BloodS2, EP16 "Fugitive Justice"Based on a true story, fugitive Sam Sheppard is found guilty of killing his wife despite his pleas of innocence.
Fatal ForecastS1, EP3 "Polar Vortex"The Polar Vortex is a low-pressure area and wide expanse of swirling cold air that is normally parked in the polar regions; in 2019, the vortex created conditions on Earth that were colder than Mars.
TrappedEP3 "Osaka Train Crash"A train flies off the tracks and crashes into an Osaka, Japan, apartment building.
Danger Decoded: Man MadeS1, EP15 "Man Made - Humanity's Lessons in Catastrophe"The harrowing tales of the top 10 man-made disasters, from Beirut's blast to London's lethal smog, that have shaped humans' approaches to safety and technology.
Danger Decoded: Man MadeS1, EP16 "Man Made - Humanity's Lessons in Catastrophe Part Two"From the Dust Bowl's devastation to Chernobyl's nuclear nightmare, the harrowing tales of the top 5 man-made disasters that reshaped the world.
Animal ArmoryS1, EP3 "Masters of Disguise"Animals like the Arctic fox, green tree frog and penguin, benefit from colouring that matches or blends with their surroundings.
Wildlife HeroesS1, EP7 "Little Big Solutions"Quail and their habitat are studied in Texas.
Wild OnesEP7 "Strongest"A look at the mighty grizzly bear, the tiny but powerful ant, the intimidating crocodile: some of the world's strongest animals.
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