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Sister, SisterS4, EP21 "Slime Party"Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) compete on a game show against celebrity twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen).
Sister, SisterS4, EP22 "Guardian Angel"Tamera is blackmailed after threatening to expose her friend's shoplifting; Lisa's convinced she has lost Ray to another woman.
Everybody Hates ChrisS2, EP5 "Everybody Hates Malvo"Chris is robbed by a notorious repeat offender, Malvo (Ricky Harris), when Doc entrusts him with watching the cash register.
Everybody Hates ChrisS2, EP6 "Everybody Hates the Buddy System"Chris' new principal (guest star Jason Alexander) pairs him with Caruso as buddies on the school field trip.
One on OneS4, EP19 "Glug, Glug"When her boyfriend cancels their date on graduation night, Spirit becomes depressed and tries to drink away her sorrow.
One on OneS4, EP20 "Save the First Dance"When Flex teases Danielle about being obese in high school, he tries to make it up to her by re-creating the prom she never had.
MoeshaS3, EP11 "Break It Down"The women learn martial arts, while the men learn to make peace at a father-son retreat. With Brandy Norwood. Guest star: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs.
MoeshaS3, EP12 "Double Date"Moesha (Brandy Norwood) and her ex-boyfriend (Fredro Starr) decide it's time for them to get over each other.
Sister, SisterS4, EP14 "Ski Squad"Tia and Tamera go on a trip without their parents to a ski cabin in the mountains, where they get caught in an avalanche.
Sister, SisterS4, EP16 "Three the Heart Way"Tia is mismatched with Roger, while Tamera is left alone on Valentine's Day; Ray's plans to earn the most money at an auction backfire.
Everybody Hates ChrisS1, EP21 "Everybody Hates Jail"Chris runs into the law when he looks to the Bed-Stuy crooks for cookie-selling tips; Drew and Tanya are afflicted with chicken pox.
Everybody Hates ChrisS1, EP22 "Everybody Hates Father's Day"Julius decides to spend Father's Day alone; Chris looks for the perfect gift for his father.
One on OneS4, EP14 "Lock Blockin'"Hoping to jar Flex out of his depression, Duane surprises him with an opportunity to sing with his favorite group, New Edition.
One on OneS4, EP15 "Rock and a Hard Place"Spirit starts dating the lead singer of a rival band, jeopardizing her relationship with Breanna and Arnaz.
MoeshaS3, EP5 "My Mom's Not an Ottoman"Moesha lashes out when Dee sells the old living room furniture at a garage sale, including items that belonged to Moesha's mother.
MoeshaS3, EP6 "The Play Scene"Moesha fails her first creative writing assignment and decides she must accept her teacher's challenge to be a better writer.
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