Crime & Punishment features true-life programmes encapsulating thrilling criminal mysteries and investigations, detective work, and the judicial process including jail-time.
Crime StoriesS8, EP6 "The Kid With the Hollywood Haircut"in 1951 a hitchhiker is sentenced to hang for murder; public outcry reduces his sentence.
Crime Stories"The Lethal Injector"The crimes of Kristen Gilbert; she killed three patients in her ward and was linked to 40 other suspicious deaths.
Cruise Ship KillersS1, EP25 "James"A Fourth of July cruise turns deadly as a passenger vanishes moments after leaving the dance floor; the details of what occurred that night continues to haunt family and friends as they search for closure.
Cruise Ship KillersS1, EP26 "Teddy"A owner-operator gambling cruise director is found dead in the bathroom; all signs point to murder.
999 Killer on the LineS2, EP3 "Brian Cox"The story of the man who slashed the throat of Mark Webb, then cleaned up the scene and lied about what happened to the father of five.
999 Killer on the LineS2, EP4 "Foster Christian"The story of a man from Canterbury who kills two people, his housemate and his housemate's girlfriend, in a dispute over hot water.
Crime StoriesS8, EP3 "The Russians Are Killing"Iouri Mikhel masterminds a kidnapping-for-ransom scheme, and kills four people who he dumps in a northern California lake.
Crime StoriesS8, EP4 "A Way With Murder"A confession from a psychopath Robert Spangler as he reveals his role as a serial spousal killer.
Crime StoriesS7, EP5 "Terror by Text"Text messages reveal pastor Helge Fossmo incited his mistress to murder his wife.
Crime StoriesS7, EP6 "The Arbitrary Assassins"Police were led to an assortment of suspects after finding the body of Raymond Collin in a snow-covered truck.
Cruise Ship KillersS1, EP22 "Nadia"A high school reunion cruise turns deadly, when the class brainiac turns up dead.
999 Killer on the LineS2, EP1 "Dominic Isom"In 2015, Dominic Isom murders his fiancé Samantha Henderson at their Dorset home before calling to report her missing; unaware of his true nature, her family support him as they search for any trace of Samantha.
999 Killer on the LineS2, EP2 "Christopher Strettle"A look at the story of a Merseyside resident who attempted to avoid facing justice, spinning a web of lies to the police after killing his friend by shooting him in the chest.
Catching KillersS1, EP5 "Controlling Killers"Detectives Kent Quinnie and Michael Shavers bust a preacher who murdered his wife.
Catching KillersS1, EP6 "Close Up Killers"Hunting a twisted killer who draws in his victims in and then slices their bellies open.
Cruise Ship KillersS1, EP23 "Vincent"Former university acquaintances meet aboard a cruise ship, including one who is an eccentric knife collector; someone ends up stabbed and all fingers point to the collector and his odd behavior.
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