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FL v. AnthonyS1, EP173 "Understanding Grief"Casey Anthony was seen crying at the defense table, while an expert on grief testified; the professor broke down the act of grieving and the trauma experienced by a young mother losing a daughter like Caylee.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP174 "The Alleged Mistress"George Anthony denied having an affair with the woman who was testifying for his daughter; River Cruz says she met him during the search for Caylee Anthony.
Johnny Depp v. Amber HeardS1 "Hearing From Depp's Former Agent"Jurors watched a deposition given by Johnny Depp's former agent. The actor's lawyers brought this in, hoping to prove that he lost work in Hollywood because of Amber Heard's op-ed. The big one - Disney cutting him from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Depp's former agent described Depp as one of the finest actors of his generation. He testified that despite domestic abuse allegations, his professional reputation when it came to the quality of his acting remained stellar.
Johnny Depp v. Amber HeardS1 "Agent Friend Speaks"Johnny Depp's ex-agent claimed the actor was a shroud of mystery because he didn't make himself too available in the eyes of the public; but the jury and the millions watching this civil trial learned all about his private life.
Johnny Depp v. Amber HeardS1 "Secret Meeting in San Francisco"Amber Heard reached out to Johnny Depp days after filing for divorce to meet with him in a hotel room in San Francisco; Depp had testified earlier about this, but now another witness said Heard wanted to reconcile with Depp.
Johnny Depp v. Amber HeardS1 "Divorce Proceedings"Laura Wasser was a powerful divorce attorney with more than two decades of experience; She handled several high-profile celebrity divorce cases; the jury would take this all into account when they deliberated.
Johnny Depp v. Amber HeardS1 "Donations to the ACLU"The jury listened to more details about her promised three and half million dollar donation to the ACLU; she agreed to pay it, in installments, spread out over a decade.
Johnny Depp v. Amber HeardS1 "ACLU Ambassador Amber Heard"A rep for the ACLU was brought in to testify because of the importance of Amber Heard's op-ed to this civil trial; they had helped her write it to try to bring attention to domestic violence issues against women.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP161 "The Investigator and a Search Volunteer"Jurors heard more from a private investigator, hired by Casey Anthony's parents; they wanted him to look for clues to where Caylee could be when she went missing.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP162 "An Affair During The Volunteer Search"A search volunteer who helped looked for Caylee Anthony took the fifth on the stand.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP163 "The Guy Who Found Caylee's Remains"Kronk testified that he saw suspicious activity in the area months before and told police about it.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP164 "Defense's Key Witness Testifies"The Defense's key witness recalled the time he discovered Caylee Anthony's remains in that wooded area in her neighborhood.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP165 "All About Roy Kronk"Juror listened to more testimony from the defense's key witness who discovered Caylee Anthony's remains.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP166 "Caylee in the Wooded Area"The state cross-examined the utility worker who was the first to discover Caylee Anthony's remains in a wooded area in her neighborhood.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP167 "Challenging The Death Penalty Charge"The Defense stated that the State's death penalty law was unconstitutional, after a recent court decision.
FL v. AnthonyS1, EP168 "Defense Challenges Caylee's Grandfather"Things got chippy between Casey Anthony's father and the lead defense attorney Jose Baez; the lawyer asked questions about the months Caylee was missing and how George interacted with Casey while she was in jail.
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