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The Car ChasersS2, EP1 "A Tale of Two Chevys"Flat 12 Gallery has a brand new location; Jeff buys a run-of-the- mill '57 Chevy Bel Air and announces his plan to transform it.
The Car ChasersS2, EP2 "Bayou Blitz"Jeff and Perry chase down some exciting leads on a road trip to Louisiana; Jeff and Perry have to pull out all the stops to bring home some cars.
The Car ChasersS2, EP4 "Right Around the Corner"Jeff and Matt explore a secret stash packed with an eclectic mix of old cars; Meg and Eric exercise their selling chops back at the shop; Jeff pulls a risky power move on the seller in a last ditch effort to secure a deal.
The Car ChasersS2, EP3 "Lights, Camera, Cars!"Meg and Jeff head out to California to search for some unique cars; an American classic that has starred alongside Ryan Gosling.
Cities of SuccessS1, EP2 "Denver & Boulder"Featuring in-depth interviews with the region's biggest leaders in government and business to reveal how the cities of Denver and Boulder have positioned themselves to evolve along with the U.S. economy.
American GreedS10, EP9 "Six Feet Plunder"Doug Cassity sells fake prearranged funeral contracts, amounting to $500 million, with the help of sexy saleswomen.
American GreedS10, EP11 "Pain Killer Profits"Twin brothers make millions from the illicit sale of oxycodone and other drugs out of their South Florida pain clinics.
American GreedS10, EP12 "Jamaican Lottery Scam"U.S. law enforcement teams up with Jamaican authorities to stop criminals using call centers in Jamaica to flood the U.S. with lies about lottery millions won by unsuspecting victims.
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