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The Hired HandA drifting cowboy (Peter Fonda) brings along a friend (Warren Oates) when he returns to his wife (Verna Bloom) and ranch after seven years.
Talking in Circles With Clint BlackS1, EP39 "Kathie Lee Gifford"Clint Black interviews country music artists.
Talking in Circles With Clint BlackS1, EP28 "Scott Hamilton"Clint chats with Olympic legend Scott Hamilton and discusses his commentating career, learning how to do a backflip while skating on ice, and his experience at the 1984 Olympic Games.
Talking in Circles With Clint BlackS1, EP27 "Deana Carter"Clint sits down with singer-songwriter Deana Carter and discusses her early life surrounded by music, going on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and her love for songwriting collaboration.
Talking in Circles With Clint BlackS1, EP11 "Amy Grant"Amy Grant discusses her songwriting, the music industry, and making music that matters.
BonanzaS1, EP31 "Dark Star"Little Joe falls for a Gypsy who believes she is a witch and, therefore, an outcast.
BonanzaS1, EP32 "Death at Dawn"The deputized Cartwrights sentence a murderer to hang at dawn.
BonanzaS2, EP1 "Showdown"A young bank robber gets a job on the Ponderosa to prevent the sheriff from finding the other members of his gang.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP10 "Pygmalion and Elly"Sonny Drysdale plays Pygmalion and Julius Caesar as he resumes his courtship of Elly May.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP11 "Elly Races Jethrine"The Clampetts try to get Sonny to propose to Elly before Cousin Pearl can get her daughter Jethrine married to him.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP12 "The Great Feud"The Clampetts load their shootin' irons for a match with the Drysdales when Sonny jilts Elly May.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP13 "Home for Christmas"When Granny, Uncle Jed, Elly May and Jethro decide to return to the country for the holidays, they discover airline travel.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP14 "No Place Like Home"The Clampetts, home for Christmas, help Cousin Pearl woo Mr. Brewster, the big oil company executive.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP15 "Jed Rescues Pearl"Pearl's efforts to snag Mr. Brewster seem doomed until he makes a ridiculous public proposal.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP16 "Back to Californy"Jed is confronted with too many cooks and not enough vittles when he invites Pearl and Jethrine to Beverly Hills.
The Beverly HillbilliesS1, EP17 "Jed's Dilemma"Trying to cool a feud between Granny and Pearl, Jed takes his family on a sightseeing tour of Beverly Hills.
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