BET HER is a multi-platform lifestyle brand designed to boldly celebrate the diverse and beautiful world of Black women. A 24-hour music and entertainment channel, BET HER has its finger on the pulse of an ever-changing beat and delivers compelling content that reflects, inspires and addresses the unique perspectives of Black women.
Tyler Perry's House of PayneS10, EP13 "Home Invaders"Malik and C.J. are having trouble adjusting to a pregnant Lisa.
Tyler Perry's House of PayneS10, EP14 "DNAin't"Curtis has selfish motives for wanting the family to take a DNA test; it all backfires when he finds out about his heritage and when they discover Ella's family line.
Strictly R&B"Strictly R&B"Playlist of R&B jams from artists old and new; curated for her.
Her HitsRerun Air Date: April 20, 2024A countdown of the week's biggest hits with a play list curated for women.
Tyler Perry's House of PayneS10, EP17 "Wondering Prince"Lisa helps Miranda set up her online dating profile.
Tyler Perry's House of PayneS10, EP18 "A Little Discipline"Miranda demands answers when Calvin leaves their son alone with Laura for the first time, and things don't go very well.
Tyler Perry's House of PayneS10, EP19 "A Payneful Compromise"Following Curtis' medical checkup, Ella wants Curtis to improve his diet, prompting the Payne family to learn an important lesson in compromising.
Tyler Perry's House of PayneS10, EP20 "Fine Wine"As Ella is spun into Laura's web of wedding plans, Calvin realizes he may not be as ready to get married as he thought.
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