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Discovering Lucy Angel"Here Comes the Bride"The family attends a country wedding; when the ladies find out that Alisha's parents are boycotting her wedding, they step in and help the young bride-to-be prepare.
Discovering Lucy Angel"Being Lucy Angel"The trio prepares for their first radio showcase performance; G-man and the boys crash a choreography session; Fletcher criticizes the new artwork.
Discovering Lucy Angel"The Dating Game"Emily reluctantly agrees to a blind date on the condition that Jake goes on a date also; the trio shoots their lyric video and G-Man's feelings are hurt.
Discovering Lucy Angel"Dress for Success"The band prepares for a showcase in the Bahamas; G-Man hires a stylist for the trio's on-stage look; Jake and Fletcher tag along.
Journey: Live in Houston 1981, The Escape TourConcert footage of Journey's 1981 tour and interviews with band members.
Discovering Lucy Angel"Off to the Races"The trio performs at the Pocono Raceway; G-Man exaggerates the number of fans present; the drive is long and challenging.
Discovering Lucy Angel"Let's Be Social"The trio struggles to find a producer to help them finish their single; Jake teaches his family about social media; Fletcher's unhelpful.
Discovering Lucy Angel"Single Trouble"The trio's radio team has bad news; program directors think that the band's single is dated and won't play well; the family turns their focus on Jake.
Real MoneyS2, EP5 "Deadwood"Eddie and his family head to historic Deadwood, S.D., for a special show, joined by Laurie's relatives who haven't seen Eddie and the kids perform in years; Eddie, Laurie, Zach and Joe visit a local art gallery where they meet painter Scott Jacobs.
Real MoneyS2, EP6 "Where the Buffalo Roam"Jesse and Dez break from the group to get a taste of the town's local flavor, sampling several varieties of Deadwood's signature moonshine brews; the Moneys enjoy a sightseeing tour of Deadwood.
Real MoneyS2, EP7 "You Can't Keep a Good Man Down"Eddie and Laurie discuss the current season of the show; the Money kids hit a rage room, where they release tension by smashing glass objects and computer parts in a controlled environment.
Listen to Your HeartA songwriter falls in love with a girl who cannot hear the music he writes for her.
Real MoneyS1, EP7 "The Hangover"A conflict between Zach and Julian erupts into a shouting match; Eddie and Laurie are forced to lay down some ground rules when a night of partying causes Jesse to show up late.
Real MoneyS1, EP8 "Like Father, Like Son"Dez heads into the studio with producer Chris Lord-Alge to put the finishing touches on his latest album; Chris and Eddie offer feedback on Dez's song "Wings"; an offended Eddie objects when he learns that he has been passed over for jury duty.
Real MoneyS1, EP9 "Family Matters"Inspired by Dez's drive, Jesse begins work on some solo material of her own; Eddie and Laurie sit down with the founder of Pets for Vets, who asks Eddie to become the program's first celebrity ambassador.
Real MoneyS1, EP10 "Peace Out"Laurie and a friend get lost on a hike, leaving Eddie scrambling to get everything ready for a big gig; Dez panics when Jesse forgets the lyrics to his new song; Eddie takes the stage with his talented offspring to deliver a killer set.
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