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Bigfoot Beyond the Trail"Bridgewater Triangle Bigfoot"Aleks and the Beyond the Trail crew delve into the infamous paranormal Bridgewater Triangle area.
Bigfoot Beyond the Trail"Tracking New Hampshire's Bigfoot"Aleks and the Beyond the Trail crew scour the area where an exciting footprint was discovered in New Hampshire.
Bigfoot Beyond the Trail"Blue Ridge Bigfoot"The mountains of Northern Georgia are rife with sightings of the Sasquatch creature.
Bigfoot Beyond the Trail"Searching for the Alaskan Sasquatch"The crew head to the Alaskan interior in search of evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.
Bigfoot Beyond the Trail"Search for the West Virginia Sasquatch"The crew and Jonathan Dodd explore the mountain state of West Virginia.
Bigfoot Beyond the Trail"Smoky Mountain Sasquatch"Aleks goes on a solo backpacking trip into the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.
Bigfoot Beyond the Trail"Terrifying Encounters with Sasquatch"In this episode, we go through the interview archives of some intriguing Sasquatch encounters.
Bigfoot Beyond the Trail"The Adirondack Beast"Aleks heads to upstate New York to visit Whitehall, where the infamous Abair Road Incident occurred in 1976.
Sasquatch Unearthed: The Ridge"The Sinister Truth Revealed"The Chestnut Ridge hides a dark truth about the origins of Sasquatch.
Sasquatch Unearthed: The Ridge"The Subterranean Sasquatch"Finding hundreds of caves beneath the rolling hills of the Chestnut Ridge, caverns that could house Sasquatch.
Sasquatch Unearthed: The Ridge"The Government Bigfoot Conspiracy"Stalking the Ridge not only has Sasquatch and Mothman, but also government disinformation agents.
Evil EncountersS2, EP4 "Terror From the Sky"An Arizona logger's coworkers are accused of murder after he's abducted by aliens; a man is lured from his Utah campground to a gathering of otherworldly beings that may have malicious intentions.
Evil EncountersS2, EP5 "The Hunters and the Hunted"Deer hunters stumble into the territory of a legendary beast; two friends on a cross-country road trip get into big trouble when they happen to tell a creepy local where they will be camping that night.
Evil EncountersS2, EP6 "Road Trips Through Hell"Grieving siblings trespass into the territory of a legendary beast during a midnight drive; a weekend getaway in the woods ends in a terrifying encounter with a vampire; two brothers seek out the ghost of a girl who died in a car accident.
Psychic InvestigatorsS2, EP7 "River Rat"A psychic from Hawaii helps find a Louisiana serial killer.
Psychic InvestigatorsS2, EP9 "Home After Dark"A teenager disappears from a grocery store parking lot.
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